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The Right Plant For your First Cannabis Grow

420hydroponicsMar 25, 2019, 6:33:18 PM

Finding the plant that is right for you can be one of the most important parts    of starting your first cannabis grow for new growers. Some Key things you will need to assess before buying Cannabis seeds.

Indoor or outdoor grow 

When growing outdoor you will need to ensure that the plant you are using will not have issues with your local weather. Cannabis plants coming in a range of different species some need more humidity, water and light than others and have longer flowering time that may lead to higher yields but if the plant is not finished the flowering cycle before the climate becomes to cold the plant will go to waste. Growing plants indoor is generally more expensive but will have higher quality bud and be more consistent due to not having to deal with rain, bugs and other changes in weather conditions. I personally enjoy growing our organic plants out doors and our top shelf strains indoors. Both will give great results so don't worry. 

Size of grow area

If you plan to grow your cannabis in an indoor grow tent you will need to insure you have a plant that wont over grow your grow room. This also goes for if you grow your plant out side maybe you don't want it to be 12-15 feet tall so that your neighbors can see.  Auto flower plants are design to stay short and easy to manage for indoor growers and have very short flowering times. 

Scent & Security 

When growing cannabis plants scent can become a issues for indoor and outdoor grows. This can be an easy fix with carbon filters for your indoor grow tent . As for outdoor grows if you don't want a pungent smelling cannabis plant i would recommend getting a strain with a Terpenes profile that doesn't smell like old school skunk as much as we all love that strain. There are lots of different smells cannabis plants produce and this can be reviewed before purchase. Growing your plants in a secure and safe location is the most important Step to insure it doesn't vanish over the growing season. 

Fun fact: The Frisian Duck is a plant designed for the secret grower as its breed to have ducks foot leafs and red flowers. 

Resistances to bugs and mold

Some plants are more susceptible to certain bugs and mold spore than other plants these can drastically change the level of difficulty for new growers. Mold and mildew can ruin a plant very quick and spread to other plants in your grow room if not properly managed. If your a new grower some times its more beneficial for you to acquire a plant that is very hardy and easy to grow as it will most likely give you better over all results in yield and quality. LSD from Barney's Farms is a good example of a hardy plant.

Resistance to Mold (5=Best): 4  Resistance to Powdery Mildew (5=Best):4 

Flowering Time

Flowering time is the time that it takes for a strain to end its flowering cycle and have a finished plant. Some Cannabis strains can flower for 55-95+ days. When purchasing a plant ensure that you will have the proper grow conditions to meet the require flowering time period. If this does not happen the plant will fail to reach full maturity with her buds and ruin your hard work.

Fun Fact: Dr.Grinspoon a pure Sativa has a flowering time of 90-95+ days

Total Yield 

Cannabis yield has a lot of factors but genetics is the largest one. For example CBD Blue Shark yields 550 gr/m² on a good indoor grow, Strawberry Lemonade produces 700 gr/m² indoor and 2500 grams total outdoor yield. The CBD Blue shark uses less light, nutrients and water than the larger yielding Strawberry Lemonade.

What are you using it for?

Most trusted cannabis breeders are happy to list what the effect there strains will have when you smoke, vape, dab or eat it. There is a massive different in cannabis effects from strain to strain and should be researched before purchase. Some examples are Gelato 41 is  Clear headed, Energetic. Laughing Buddha is  Focused, Productive, Giggly, Energized, Creative, Euphoria and Pink Kush is Sleepy, Sensual.

For more information on using LED High Spectrum Grow lights for your indoor cannabis grow please read our blog 

This Article is intended for first time growers and only provides a few basic tips for more in-depth  information visit us at 420hydroponics.ca