Artist who draw fanarts and OC's

Aspiring horror creator. Affiliated with @MythoverseComics.

Eldritch Abomination who focuses on anime-esque illustration & sometimes animation ^(;,,;)^ I like horror & gore a whole bunch, but draw a wide range of subjects & themes. I sometimes dabble with NSFW, but it's not my core focus. Commission info coming soon.

Dicebag Games
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Artist, world builder, and game designer. Working on an expandable card game called Domain and Crytures, a Pokemon-inspired tabletop RPG.

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I've created a figure collection group called Cool Collectibles: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1204767771406417920/feed

Hi I'm Rusty, an aspiring artist and cartoonist who's settled here. Here I upload art, drawings, and bits of other interests of mine. I do both sfw and nsfw on a when I feel like it basis, so feel free to stick around if you appreciate either of those. I'm taking commissions! Find out more here: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1170003639251742720 I exist all around the internet, check me out where you wish! DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/goodolrusty Twitter: https://twitter.com/artbyrusty NSFW Twitter: https://twitter.com/RustyLewds?s=09 Tumblr: https://rustydoesstuff.tumblr.com/

JaeBee The Lokean
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Trickster of State Artist of Many Mediums Follower of Loki Fren Tradwife Slightly Batshit Shitposter

Introverted anime enthusiast who also loves alternative music, baseball, and early 2000s gaming. Prefer to stay apolitical when possible.

World's okayest Menat main.Musician. Sometimes I make art.

Solo game developer working on Post Metropolis Rush, and other small games. Using Minds as a devlog of sorts.

I post random stuff that crosses my minds, ROLL CREDITS, random Q drops without interpretation because they are pretty interesting, comics that I make, drawings for adults... everything is for adults, call it a disclaimer... opportune thoughts, and anything that I feel like as a multifaceted perfectly functional and evenly deranged human being. For even spicier drawings check secondary channel https://www.minds.com/gy_johnson2/

Feb 2021
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