Wynford Newman Dore is a British businessman who founded the Dore Programme, a drug-free, exercise-based course of treatment offered to people with dyslexia, ADHD, Developmental coordination disorder and other learning difficulties.
location_onEngland, United Kingdom
Wynford Dore is a British businessman and entrepreneur who has developed multiple successful companies. Since 1999 his life has been devoted to understanding and helping people with essential neurological skill development. This quest was driven by the plight of his eldest daughter who had struggled throughout school. In her late teens her depression led her to attempt to take her own life. Fortunately she survived and this led to Wynford turning his R+D talents to understanding why and how our brains determine which skills we will become good at. In his early career he worked as a software programmer at Jaguar Cars and he showed a keen eye for spotting and developing innovative solutions to problems. He formed his first company, Nullifire Ltd, to offer a novel solution to structural fire protection - this led to the increasingly extensive use of exposed steelwork in many public, commercial and industrial buildings. He set up research centres in Coventry and Paris, which led to breakthroughs in the development of novel designs for new construction using fire-resistant paint technology. Dore sold Nullifire in 1998, switching his energies to focus on the brain processing challenges. He began collaborations with neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from Harvard, Sheffield University, and others, eventually to develop web-based software programs designed to enhance brain skills development. Challenged by the problems faced by most schools, a staid educational system, and little motivation for real improvement, with his cousin, a former headmaster and government advisor on educational reform, they bought a private school (Arnold Lodge School) in Warwickshire, and there they progressively implemented novel educational & motivational strategies to enhance students’ learning and achievement. They remain committed to ensuring that the school uses the latest proven methods for educating children in the most engaging ways possible. These methods led to the creation of innovative software programs for educational assessment and a new company, Educational Development International PLC, which was sold to Pearson PLC in 2011, the world’s largest education & testing company. A devoted father of 4 and grandfather, Dore’s keenest desires are to continue his education related research and to develop web-based, drug free programs that make a difference in the lives of others His quest is to help them develop and strengthen essential brain-based skills – concentration, working memory, motivation, processing speed, coordination, and visual-motor integration in a permanent way. Strongly driven by ongoing data collection and programmatic research, this company (Zing Performance) has now progressed onto multiple web-based platforms and apps helping children, adults and athletes. He shares his life with his soul-mate Ninka Mauritson who also saved her son's life by her determination to find solutions for problems where others had failed. Together they have the same life purpose - to help people have lives that are wonderfully fulfilling.
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