From out of the Adirondack wilderness, this is a Voice of New Russia, a tiny hamlet nestled at the edge of the "Giant Mountain Wilderness". A little news, a few notes, a LOT of opinion. With Special Thanks for Support: @Aragmar @bluetaboo @chesschats @cmadzier @delastman @MindCakes @mizantroop @naturespirit @promisetrinh @RedDragonLS @Squarepegs @starhammer @Willieleev1971
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Âllo! Âllo! Âllo! LIBERTÉ!!!  What a relief to be away from Fesses-book!  #Quebec #Montreal #Canada  News. Politics. Art. Culture. Language.
Pensioner not raging against the dark but not going quietly either. (Banner is my water-colour ©)
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Admirer of arts. Planning to use this account as a blog for art history (coming soon xD )
I have been on the "Road To No-Where" from the moment of conception and have traversed many a long, empty and desolate pathway. Once upon a time I danced, sang, walked miles and watched the world move, I painted, sketched, wrote prose, poetry and short stories about being. Some liked and enjoyed my presence, my works, the little bits that I created... Stolen, gone, obliterated. My choices? To ignore, move on or remember, grow sad, then angry... Bitterness is dark, but comfortable. If I don't create there's nothing to steal. Bitterness is dark, but safe. If I stay still and quiet, it's me, only me and how well I learn to appreciate me. It's not them. They've already shown me who and what they are. It's me now and I am here to observe life now, not really to participate in living. Take my things but not my arts. They did. I retreated. I'm clawing a way back... I let the world grow around me, there's a lot of clawing to be done. I'm not yet sure why, maybe it's because I'm growing stronger... or died in the over-growth and now feel indestructible. After all... we might die a million times, but we can be murdered only once. With Thanks: @JK_Woodhauler @JudahKessler @NYC8539266 @Otto_Didactic Special Thanks: @MrGsRoundHillNY
Drifting without a cause. I just completed a year long world expedition and am currently living in a tent in the woods. I look forward to sharing some of the more exciting parts of my trip as I work through organizing my backlog and hope to share occasional updates on tent life. I have come to Minds in light of some of the recent tomfoolery from mainstream social media outlets and have so far been enjoying the experience! Check out my Blog if you feel so inclined. https://www.intentsliving.com/
New Russia
Jul 2019
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