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End Game American Patriot Constitutional Moderate - Ideology of a Constitutional Moderate: Governed By The Rule of Law: 1. The American form of government is based on our being a "REPUBLIC" rather than a Democracy. 2. It is a system of government that protects the rights of the people; under the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. 3. In a Republic, the rights of the government are limited by a fixed body of laws, not subject to majority whi...ms; as in a democracy. 4. Under a Republic, the people are freer, and able to benefit from their labors, without a domineering government influence. 5. The government gets its sovereign authority from the people; limited government under a higher law, (American Constitutionalism). No where in the Constitution of the United States of America or the Bill of Rights has the word, "Democracy" written in it. Republic: In modern republics such as the United States, the executive is legitimized both by a constitution and by popular suffrage. Montesquieu included both democracies, where all the people have a share in rule, and aristocracies or oligarchies, where only some of the people rule, as republican forms of government. Most often a republic is a sovereign country, but there are also sub national entities that are referred to as republics, or which have governments that are described as "republican" in nature. For instance, Article IV of the Constitution of the United States "guarantee[s] to every State in this Union a Republican form of Government". Those on the far left desire absolute government power in the form of oligarchy, monarchy, Nazism, socialism, communism, dictatorships, and tyranny. Because such ideologies protect the rights of only a select few, leaving all other individuals as mere subjects to the same, such ideologies conflict with humanity and are, therefore, incorrect. Those on the far right desire an absolute lack of government in the form of anarchy. Because such an ideology protects the rights of no individual, thus placing in danger the rights of all individuals, such an ideology also conflicts with humanity and is also, therefore, incorrect. A Constitutional democracy is a representative democracy in ... power is subject to the rule of law. One who holds or champions moderate views or opinions, especially in politics or religion. The existence of the ideal moderate is disputed because of a lack of a moderate political ideology. Many people claim to be moderate because of a lack of satisfaction with the more radical sides of the political or religious spectrum, rather than advocating a specific stance. Aristotle favored conciliatory politics dominated by the center rather than the extremes of great wealth and poverty or the special interests of oligarchs and tyrants. Voters who describe themselves as centrist often mean that they are moderate in their political views, advocating neither extreme left-wing politics nor right-wing politics. Voters may identify with moderation for a number of reasons: pragmatic, ideological or otherwise. It has even been suggested that individuals vote for ‘centrist’ parties for purely statistical reasons. A moderate position is to bring reason and logic to the public discussion regarding the constitutionality of government activity. The Constitutional Moderate seeks to protect the rights of ALL individuals through the rule of law. We recognize and appreciate the potential for law to preserve and protect the rights of us all both by limiting government power sought after by those on the far left and by limiting civil abuses dealt by individuals on the far right. Because the United States Constitution was framed for such a purpose, and because it represents the "Supreme Law of the Land", we seek to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic" who oppose it, as well as our republic (Article 4, Section 4). A Constitutional Moderate judicial philosophy is not as easily defined as judicially conservative and liberal philosophies are. It is usually composed of a balance between particular conservative and liberal beliefs. Frequently, judicial moderates are pegged as such because they will vote in a conservative manner on some issues, but vote in a liberal manner on others. This can make a judicial moderate the swing vote in certain cases depending on which legal issue is being decided. On the other hand, some judicial moderates are pegged as such simply because they will reverse their own prior decisions.
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52yo married 26y Conservative Constitutionalist from Michigan
Jesus, Family, America in that order
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My Mission : Im here as an American to bring you all up to date on all the threats facing us all in the very near future. We live in a time where we are headed to a “Great Reset” by Globalists who want to play God over mankind, and rule the worlds population. What gives them this right to want to be “our Gods, Masters & Rulers over mankind? They are Billionaires. Most not even Self made Billionaires either. They inherited their money. Now they are ready to take away our freedom, our nationality, & the future. WE WILL RESIST . When in enlisted in 2010 I took an oath, To Serve, Protect & Defend the constitution of the United States. Although I was only a Medic, I saw a lot of action, as we went in to retrieve wounded servicemen. I’m not a expert on strategy, or planning any Military actions, But as we are facing a threat of the Worlds Stability and upholding the worlds stability, and the possible threat of reducing the planets population, that’s what’s my motivation to speak out against it. As our constitution allows us & are our rights as Free Americans, we need to speak out against this Unasked for Great Reset that the FILTHY RICH are ready to impose on the United States and the EU. We and the generations that will follow & facing elimination & extinction y these Globalists. We don’t need people like Bill Gates, Klause Schwalb, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild ( the Richest man on earth) to tell us we need to die to allow the Great Reset & population reduction to survive. The Earth can provide for its 8 Billion population. No one gets to decide to reduce the planets population, except for nature that rules the planets abilities to provide for its inhabitants. These self appointed Gods are over reaching in their plans to kill off over 60% of the planets inhabitants. There efforts must be thwarted at all costs. It doesn’t matter to me wether I have children or not, ( and I don’t, nor have any intentions of being a mother, a parent to any kids) My concerns are based on my Morals, & of course my religion as well. So, I will take any and every opportunity to speak out against this Globalists plans, do what I can to thwart this madness by vigorously defending the Bible, & the American Constitution, to protect against the efforts of these “self appointed gods” If I was on a real battlefield, I’d have a solution in a minute, simply , eliminate the threat of our extinction, In War, we would kill the threat & snuff it out. But since We as normal people don’t have an Army, we would need experienced volunteers to help protect & defend any and all threats to innocent human life. But as I stand alone, I’ll use my voice to speak out against this sickening plan to kill innocent humans, so that the Fat Globalists can be stopped at all costs.
Jan 2017
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