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Planet of the Apes (1968) Review

Kate: irl mean anime girlJan 17, 2021, 9:53:38 AM

Beautiful and utterly seamless effects that blew my mind. Amazing.

I am too young to really remember angry Christians raging against evolution for any of the analogy to hit me, but it’s still fun to think about the politics of a film, so let’s view it through the only political context I have–the present.

It sure is nice that after 50 years of making fun of Christians for rejecting science, stats and evidence, we don’t have a society that burns it’s workers for heresy for violating their sacred scriptures and suggesting truth in something biological like, I don’t know, gender differences.

It’s not just Germany and Britain puts it's people in court and prison for stating facts about a leader who molested children because it might incite tensions, and countries refuse to gather data on perpetrators of sexual crime just in case it turns out that a majority of them are from a protected caste.

Repeat the sacred mantra 'This Never Happens' and ban and censor a blog that collects evidence that it does, in fact, happen, just like Dr Zaius. It’s a madhouse!

Next up, Beneath the Planet of the Apes is about Israel and Palestine! Maybe?