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Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Review

Kate: irl mean anime girlJan 17, 2021, 9:40:27 AM

The oligarchy with the power of the press against an honest man.

The press is the enemy of the people, and one of the bl*ckp*lling things to understand is that everyman on social media has become his own enemy, obsessively cataloguing himself from childhood for the easy digestibility of the oligarchy to vomit back at him if he gains any power that threatens the oligarchy or the oligarchy’s biological legacy.

The only people who’s pasts can’t be dug into to find something, anything, wrong are a) saints like Mr Smith or b) the children of oligarchs like the Clintons who have been trained from birth to avoid it, or enough money to hide it. There’s a reason why the children of oligarchs with actual power don’t use it, but any everyman from the middle of a flyover state who gains any amount of national attention that could sway people has their internet history scourged so they can find that time they said the n-word while singing to a Kanye song. The call from the enemy of the people is coming from inside the house.

It’s upsetting to think that the modern day league of honest men don’t speak, lost to the silent majority. Violent leftists threaten their lives if they do, and the longstanding enemy of the people—the press—will pardon and excuse it. The press will mobilise against anyone and the pathetic shill organisations like the SPLC will darken their name for all time for daring to support the man against the press, even if that man was voted into office by most of America.

Although I must admit that I found there was something very mask-off about the pseudo-religious devotion towards a false God of democracy. Seeing the religious lens through which Capra shows icons like Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial, I think of those absolutely disgusting saint candles featuring RBG and AOC. Americanism has two religions, brothers in faith much like how Christian and Islam are brothers in the Abrahamic faith, both worshipping a similar and yet different false god.

In the defence of the right-wing, the leftists only use humans natural inclination towards deep seated religious devotion as a means of gathering power, and actually have no real devotion except for their own desperate grasp for power. They redefine the mechanism of who is able to receive power away from a meritocracy and towards purely ideological and identity. The right-wing religious devotion to the Constitution is a false god like all democracy, but at least it is somewhat devoted to the truth.

Is it a good movie? Sure, I guess. I think of all Capra films I’ve seen so far it’s his aesthetic masterpiece, with all his aesthetic worship of America (It's a Wonderful Life is obviously his emotional masterpiece). It’s a ‘really makes you think’ type of film.