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Demolition Man (1993) Review

Kate: irl mean anime girlJan 17, 2021, 10:19:51 AM

Outrageous action, amusingly absurd and yet hilariously prophetic.

Within like, the first five minutes, Stallone jumps off a helicopter screaming PHOENIX and instantly shoots two guys on a roof—amazing. Sandra Bullock is great and adorable, and this is alongside her best performances in Miss Congeniality 2000, 28 Days 2000, and Practical Magic 1998. I love her being a weeb for The 90's. Wesley Snipes orange overalls are cute and amazing. Stallone is… Stallone. It works, but is underwhelming. It’s an Action Hero as the 'every-man fish out of water' and is probably not the pinnacle of what that role could be, but still works.

Obviously, in 2020 the ~cultural commentary~ is interesting and weirdly prophetic. The scraps are the Cancelled, the physical sub-internet made from opinions and thoughts you are not allowed to voice. People who have had their access to quote unquote 'private institutions' like banking revoked by the monopolies that control them for the use of their free speech infringing on good taste in an eerie parallel how in politically far-right are denied access to utilities like patreon and paypal.

The corporations own us, and yet bootlickers will defend them against the people, because 'it’s a private organisation' and 'they’re bad people!'. We live in the Only Taco Bell nightmare, and yet when Taco Bell denies you access to food, the bootlickers are there to say 'it's a private organisation, they don't have to serve you!'.

The villain is actually George Soros, financing destruction as a means of bringing his weirdo globalist 'paradise' to fruition.