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Psychologic-Anarchist, MDMA High Priest, Mr. Rogers of Anarchism, Crypto Connoisseur http://www.sterlinlujan.com http://www.bitcoin.com Bio: Sterlin Lujan is the Communications Ambassador and Opinion Editor for Bitcoin.com. His background is steeped in activism, journalism, and academia. He has worked with Bitcoin.com since 2015. Prior to his foray into cryptocurrency, he studied psychology and clinical counseling. He has a bachelors degree in psychology from Texas A&M University. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Cecillia and they live together in Texas. He is currently working on finishing his first book, a collected works called, Dignity & Decency: Rhapsodic Musings of a Modern Anarchist. History: In 2009, Sterlin was arrested for possession and alleged manufacture of a large quantity of MDMA and cocaine. He was released from jail with a sentence of deferred adjudication probation. After five years, he completed probation and his charges were dropped. His experiences confronting the State and being arrested provided him with the impetus to become an anarchist. While he awaited probation, he started undergoing some critical thinking about the nature of his “crime.” He came to the realization that he was victimized by the State. He came to understand that he was only providing a product on the market, and the State wrongly and unjustly kidnapped and caged him for it. This incident set the tone for all of his future activism, and led him to study authors such as Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, and Ron Paul. After his confrontation with the State, Sterlin discovered bitcoin in late 2013. He learned about bitcoin by hanging out with anarchists and libertarians online. He then started writing about the world-changing and paradigm-shifting potential of the technology. In 2015, Sterlin purchased his first bitcoin at around $600. Then he begin working for bitcoin.com part time as a crypto-journalist. He also wrote regularly on blockchain platforms such as Steemit, earning crypto rewards from the decentralized autonomous organization. He has been thoroughly embedded in the crypto and anarchist communities ever since. Work and Role at Bitcoin.com: At bitcoin.com, Sterlin is responsible for representing the company. He is a brand ambassador and community spokesman. He eloquently elucidates the perspectives of bitcoin.com regarding viewpoints on various topics, as well as coloring each talk with his own experiences and knowledge. He regularly conducts keynotes on topics such as the psychology of money, the essence of bitcoin, cryptocurrency utility, governance, forking, cryptopsychology, crypto-anarchism, history of cypherpunks, and the future of bitcoin.com. He focuses a lot on the philosophical elements of cryptocurrency, and works relentlessly to help bitcoin.com spur mass adoption of crypto worldwide. Sterlin has spoken at some of the most prestigious crypto conferences in the world, including Anarchapulco, Blockshow, Texas Bitcoin Conference, Blockchain Economic Forum, New New Festival, Nexus Earth, and Next Block. Sterlin has also acted as an crypto envoy for the community when he addressed the Mongolian parliament at their Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Ulaanbaatar.

Carey Wedler
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Editor-in-chief of the Anti-Media. Peace and freedom activist by way of AM, Youtube, yoga, meditation, and personal healing.

An Asian Ancap 🇹🇼

I am free. The state/government has no more power and/or authority over me than any other self-recognized entity (just because one SAYS they are your "boss" DOESN'T make it so!). A voluntary society is clearly superior over having a bunch of socio/psychopathic elitist insiders control everything from A - Z obviously because they will ALWAYS act in the interests of who pays them the most. Voting is slavery. Taxation is theft. #nogov #dontvote #peacefulanarchy #googlevoluntaryism #warismassmurderforprofit

Butch Crassidy
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Funny, crass, political, anti-sjw, anti-collectivist, pro-liberty, ancap-libertarian, mgtow. Funny and Political T-Shirts, hats, mugs, and gear. http://butchcrassidy.com

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No King But Christ. Promoting peace through anarchy while metal plays in the background.

I'm a small 'l' libertarian who is actively opposing the police state AND the communists. (Yes, you can do both.) Also, Taxation is Theft! http://parrishmiller.com

Speculative fiction author, abstract painter, free thinker, nonconformist.

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Webby winner; Formerly of We the Internet TV; http://YouTube.com/c/thelouperez; The Lou Perez Podcast (http://apple.co/32WxJSj); SUPPORT http://thelouperez.locals.com/support

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