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Entrepreneur, Sociologist, Procrastinator 📷 In my photography I'm looking at the beauty in little details of nature and urban life. Slow down and notice the details with me. ☯ In my blogposts I'll document my journey through meditation and psychedelics, looking for balance, an antidote to anxiety, and possible links between science and spirituality. 🍄 Subscribe to the Sceptic Shaman group to get notified of new blogposts: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/902242213988302848
Hình ảnh đăng trên hieuphoto được chụp bởi chính TÔI. Nếu bạn sử dụng ảnh của TÔI hãy liên hệ và ghi rõ nguồn.
Open your heart. Make rebirth in life possible.
https://steemit.com/@chrissysworld Hobby photographer with a passion for birds of prey. With more than 100.000 original photos we want to enchant you. Have fun and enjoy the pictures. I would be very happy about votes and followers. Greetings your Chrissy ♡ (Animal Photographers) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/905835517871800320 (Macro Photographers) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/904773199726280704 #animalphotographers #animalphotography #macrophotographers #marcophotograpy
I am a Mindset coach & Mentor who helps Individuals to overcome anything that maybe holding them back in life so that they can learn to live happier lives on their terms.
Marie Deveaux is a quality life coach in Brooklyn, New York. http://mariedeveaux.com
I specialize in helping people Overcome The Stumbling Blocks that keep them from achieving their goals and dreams and Move Beyond The Mental Road Blocks holding them back from: Living a More Fulfilling, Enjoyable and Purposeful Life. http://enhancedlifecoach.com
•Artitst •Photographer Assimilating the unconscious...
Coach of light Entrepreneur Dancer Divine Dance Connection creator INBOX, French Brand co-founder My mission: Hightlight the ressources you have within you to create the life you want.
Mar 2018
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