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Benefits Associated with Waterjet Cutting

visitourwaterjetcuttingblogNov 29, 2018, 9:46:16 AM

It does not matter if you have never heard of waterjet cutting or you already are familiar with the waterjet technology, it is always vital to know of the benefits that are associated with waterjet cutting. This article is going to outline to you the benefits that are associated with waterjet cutting assisting you to make an excellent business decision. First of all, there are two kinds of waterjet cutting technology. They include the abrasive waterjet cutting and pure waterjet cutting. The difference is that the pure method is made use of in cutting materials that are soft such as paper or foam buy just, making use of water stream for cutting. On the other hand when it comes to the abrasive method a granular abrasive is normally added to the water stream. The granular abrasive enables increases the powers of the cutting stream making the hard materials to be cut in an easy way. Below are the associated benefits of water jet cutting. Read more here about waterjet cutting machines.

First and foremost it has no material limitations. Waterjet cutting can be applied for many purposes. It can cut nearly all materials. Inclusive of plastics, metals, composites, stone, glass, ceramics as well as rubber. A granular abrasive been added makes it more efficient. This is because it makes it capable of performing quality cuts on materials that are even up to two hundred millimeters thickness.

Secondly, it has no heat zone. One of the major advantaged of waterjet cutting is that it is free of a heat affected zone that occurs. This is as a result of its cold cutting method. Cold cutting not only enables clean cuts but also increases the safety of operators significantly. This is possible since it eliminates the risk of burns. Check out for the genuine machines from a reputable company such as Flow.

Waterjet cutting has a great benefit considering that it has no hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is a great nuisance to the environment as well as people. If not handled properly it can pose a great risk to the health of people. Therefore if there is a way that it can be avoided, that way should be considered. In this case, waterjet cutting is a great means. The increasing importance of processes that are environmentally friendly throughout the industries has become more apparent. A great benefit of waterjet cutting is that it has does not produce any hazardous waste in form of gases and fumes, unlike the rest of the cutting technologies.

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