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Sharing Bitcoin, Altcoin, Blockchain, Stock Market , Technology , Cryptocurrency News , Updates and releases as I come across them. From time to time I post a referral link and programs for people to join and benefit from. I Usually check them out and or have joined them myself before I post them. *Some are experimental , yes I can get a "reward or bonus" form you using a referral link but you are usually benefiting something from it as well! If you Have Something You Would Like Me To Test, Review, Partner on Or Promote... Please Reach Out Via Message With Your Product , Site, Program, Etc. and the details. Wires Are Not Necessary But They Are Much Appreciated and Get Shout-outs on my page Social Networks: Join CryptoVend on Twitter or Instagram via the Icon links at end of description. Twitter: (@)CryptoVend Instagram: (@)CryptoVend_Official Minds Groups : Stock Market Talk»» Stock Market Trading Apps (Currently giving Free Stocks away for New Account Holders and your first deposit. Webull : Enter below to win a Tesla Model 3 Robinhood : Cryptocurrency Applications: Best Cloud Mining App »» Most reliable, economic way to cloud mine for Bitcoin just launched! Start For Free Now and get a discount on any paid plan »» Cryptocurrency Wallets: More To Come Soon Subscribe, Follow, Engage!!! Crypto Tip Jar Addresses: BTC: 1JfSLsUy6m5WUgWabQZjB9gYUgfwfcaYPZ ETH (ETHER): 0x8cddf51361cfff292438ebefcc458adbb11ce45a DOGE : DTFCnCDo3fQTdJzX3m7hvQ7A7ej4RVyHs4 STELLAR: GCTWDNTRC2NZ33C7WH6AE355DBK7BJ4VIOGXYVYC5ZAH2YRKNESV7NDC

End Wokeness
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Brand new father of a beautiful baby girl, I enjoy photographing my travels and I sell prints and own a motel & cottages near Bar Harbor, Maine. I enjoy a good laugh and love to serve the community and watch the impacts that pebbles make on the pond. I am neither right nor left, I don't believe that our politicians don't work for us anymore and am one of those who believe that the dollar will collapse. It is not fear I seek but truth. Hopefully you find a reason to stick around and be part of my community.

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Nov 2019
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