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Why Visit Italy?

viewthetravelblogDec 9, 2018, 6:01:04 PM

One of the great reasons to visit Italy is the power that it exudes for its capital city Rome which was an influential city in the ancient times. The capital of the Roman empire was the center of all the significant and progressive moves that benefited a lot of people in the world. In Rome, you can visit the remnants of its majestic civilization and understand history in a new light. If you are going to Italy on your next vacation, then you should learn more about this unique land.

The first thing that will come up in your mind when you think about Rome is the gladiator games that were held in the famous Colosseum which is a gigantic amphitheater in the ancient days. This is the best example of the majesty of the Roman Empire. The Roman Forum is another place you can find many historical structures including the Arch of Titus, Mamertine Prison, Temple of Saturn, Arch of Constantine, to name a few. The St. Peter's Basilica is one of the important sights of Rome where religion, art, and history fuse together. The Sistine Chapel demonstrates the legendary art of Michelangelo and its magnificent structures. There are still others worth mentioning in Rome including The Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain, Trajan's Column, The Capitoline Hill and the Spanish Steps.

Roman cuisine is another attraction. You will find their food simple but rich with a unique taste. They have mostly fresh vegetables, herbs, cheese, meat cooked with herbs and sprinkled with pepper, deep fried appetizers, and a few special desserts. The staple diet of every Roman is pasta with a variety of pasta dishes being served here. Their thin crust pizzas baked in wooden fire ovens is the specialty of Rome which you should not miss out on. If you crave for chocolates, then Rome has a host of chocolate shops full of sweet treats. You should also try their famous gelato in Il Gelato di San Crispino. Wine is cheap and easily available in Rome. The famous wine in the region is Frascati Wine which is best served with appetizers and fish delicacies. Open this site to learn more.

You don't only get sightseeing tours and culinary delights in Rome. There are many amazing outdoor activities for tourists as well. One adventurous way to tour the wonderful locations of Rome is by cycling. There are many cycle routes and rental shops for bicycles. Swimming in the popular public swimming pools in Rome is a perfect way to beat the blues in a holiday. Other events you can participate in at the time of your stay are the City Marathon, the Italian Open Tennis Tournament, and great show jumping competitions.

Rome cannot be described in a few words since it is a maze of activities best experienced in person.

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