A based man in a cringe place can make all the difference in the world, and vice versa.

Christ-pilled. Aesthetic enjoyer. Shitposter. Unapologetic meme thief. I HATE THE ANTI-CHRIST!

鈩滒潝烉潝○潝︷潝狆潝烉潝 鈩潝烉潝别潝ヰ潝潝潝︷潝 "饾攧饾敨饾敗 饾敚饾敮饾敩饾敧 饾敱饾敟饾敘 饾敗饾敒饾敹饾敯 饾敩饾敚 饾攳饾敩饾敟饾敨 饾敱饾敟饾敘 饾攨饾敒饾敪饾敱饾敠饾敯饾敱 饾敳饾敨饾敱饾敠饾敥 饾敨饾敩饾敶, 饾敱饾敟饾敘 饾敤饾敠饾敨饾敜饾敗饾敩饾敧 饾敩饾敚 饾敟饾敘饾敒饾敵饾敘饾敨 饾敯饾敳饾敚饾敚饾敘饾敮饾敘饾敱饾敟 饾敵饾敠饾敩饾敥饾敘饾敨饾敔饾敘, 饾敒饾敨饾敗 饾敱饾敟饾敘 饾敵饾敠饾敩饾敥饾敘饾敨饾敱 饾敓饾敘饾敒饾敮 饾敠饾敱 饾敒饾敶饾敒饾敹." "饾敆饾敟饾敠饾敯 饾敔饾敮饾敒饾敺饾敹 饾敥饾敩饾敵饾敘 饾敠饾敯 饾敒 饾敗饾敘饾敘饾敪 饾敓饾敥饾敳饾敘 饾敮饾敩饾敯饾敘 饾攬饾敵饾敘饾敨 饾敠饾敚 饾敠饾敱 饾敟饾敳饾敮饾敱饾敯 饾敧饾敘 鈩'饾敧 饾敚饾敒饾敥饾敥饾敠饾敨饾敜 饾敚饾敩饾敮 饾敹饾敩饾敳 鈩'饾敧 饾敮饾敳饾敠饾敨饾敘饾敗 饾敓饾敹 饾敹饾敩饾敳饾敮 饾敥饾敠饾敜饾敟饾敱 鈩'饾敵饾敘 饾敓饾敘饾敘饾敨 饾敒饾敥饾敥 饾敓饾敮饾敩饾敤饾敘饾敨, 鈩'饾敧 饾敗饾敘饾敵饾敩饾敱饾敘饾敗 饾敱饾敩 饾敹饾敩饾敳饾敮 饾敘饾敧饾敓饾敮饾敒饾敔饾敘"

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Only go to college if you need to, or want to. They are more about teaching you what to think, than how to think. No shame working a trade job or being a stay at home mom. That's some really based hot jive. 淇恒伅銈併仭銈冨銇浜恒仹銇欍傞銇圭墿澶уソ銇嶃傛棩鏈獮銇洠銇椼亜鍕夊挤銇欍倠銇屻仹銇欍伃銆 The bible is pretty dope. You should read it sometime. I don't know why people hate K-Pop. It's a decent anime, better than Sword Art Online. Christmas avatar edit by Rustmine22 banner by yours truly. (I try to stay safe for work here concerning visual things. If there's a video that goes crazy, I'll try to put in a note with it. I may remind from people who do post more spicy content. So warning if you follow the rabbit hole to other peoples' content. If there's something you don't like, please either ignore those posts, and/or talk about it respectfully with whomever it concerns. I'll try to take criticisms on my end gracefully as well.)

The New Columbia Movement is an American nationalist organization advocating for a return to traditional Christian values, promotion of the traditional family, and a refostering of kinship between all Americans.

Basil Alexei 饾敁饾敘饾敮饾敠饾敪饾敟饾敘饾敮饾敠饾敒饾敧 Discord: 鈩潝潝拆潝叼潝栶潝︷潝ゐ潝#5414 "The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators, but traditionalists.鈥 -- Pope Pius X (Notre Charge Apostolique; August 10, 1925) Immortale Dei (On the Christian Constitution of States) Aeterni Patri (On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy) Divini Redemptoris (Against Atheistic Communism)

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Truth seeker. Writer. Philosopher. Lover. Chef.

Oct 2021
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