All around photographer. I see, I like, I shoot. 馃摲

Hi, I am Andreea and welcome to my world 馃挒馃挒 鉃★笍Insta:soniaandreea 17y

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Nature, Art, Myth Original Photography Many thanks to my subscribers! Wires, votes and comments are greatly appreciated. PRINTS and MERCH 鈽曪笍鈽曪笍鈽曪笍Buy ME A Coffee鈽曪笍鈽曪笍鈽曪笍 ETH:0x9C477e25BA13F8029869b8C6584738469EE51318 BTC:bc1qpl3rfvmh2nddaggv527drs54r98qsg5qlnldlc LTC:LKiFegbi4gTwQdj3vc9LgnHqDzDLx3sZzo XRP:rwSGe5vNxuyDDi1EkxbVUMHtKUmDKtGB9m

Artist / Writer / Chef / Nokodemion's student 鈥淧eople think of education as something that they can finish. " ~ Isaac Asimov 鈥淭he happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.鈥 鈥 Marcus Aurelius, Meditations Love will always be the reason for life *

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Mark Price Dream Pond: Lost in a world from a dream that never was, or could it be reality in the land of just because?!? If you are one of the musicians looking for some of the odd ball fingerings I use, it was easier to show than to tell. The vids are under (M1 at the Pond) The ones with the old poster drawing of the JETZ (1972-1978) And (Pa4X at the Pond) the ones with the Cave Organ It started in Michigan with music. X-Navy (SteamPunk), Retired Telco, still music. Now it's made in Texas! Rough bits and pieces. Kind-a Early American Wedding Band with a touch of Twang! Instrumental interpretations, not intended for vocals, mostly. Tuned to 432hz "I am what I am, that's all that I am." Love, Light & Abundance, for all.

Feb 2020
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