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Rachel A. MunozFeb 20, 2021, 4:27:30 PM

On every platform and in every group I've shared this little liberation tip: get off the calendar. 

Freedom isn't only about free speech or oppressive governments or the right to make choices. It is also about how we spend our time and what we are investing our life force/prana/Od in.

I could hardly believe the people in Target last year buying Easter decor when they were told to stay home except for necessities. Opinions aside, the logic is dumbfounding. Scared enough to wear a mask, gloves, and horde toilet paper, but "risking" their lives for Easter CANDY....so good for the immune system. smh. 

Small rant aside, there's nothing wrong with holidays but where is the connection to life-death-life cycles on a level that removes the fear of death?  Halloween is joke that celebrates murder more than nature (prove me wrong). I think 2020 did a good job of making all holidays difficult to connect with. That works in humanity's favor.

As I started studying astrology, I became more aware of natural timing. 2020 is not technically over. The wheel of the zodiac won't end until next month at the Spring Equinox and things do not feel complete with the Sun in the last qaurter. Due to the procession, the Sun and the New Year will begin in Pisces; the significance of which is another discussion.

You don't need to worship any deities or participate in any pagan traditions (unless you like seasonal crafts, food, and archetypes), but I would advise the use of the wheel calendar as tool for transition. I would challenge you to stop celebrating corporate holidays this year. Get back to basics. To continue to participate in consumerism is an act of consent. By all means, shop for what you need and bless others, but don't do it because you've been told it's time to. Question the celebration. Are you stoked about St Patrick or just drinking? Because I've never needed a holiday to party with pals. And you know.... being connected to nature makes it easier to celebrate people of every race and gender. I don't need a day or a month to be told to love, honor, and party about a person's unique existence. Honestly, that's what Birthday's are for. They're the most important days. History is easy to honor, heal, and reconcile when it's observed throughout time. We are connected by the collective cycles of Terra. 

I'm sure some die hards will hate it, but don't you dare celebrate Independence Day. Were all the fireworks in the neighborhood really cool and something special? Yes, there's gold lining in there somewhere. But if you're celebrating freedom while obeying unlawful mandates, you're really just raging against the machine.... which it loves. Why do you think punk spikes are on sale in trendy stores like Hot Topic.

We are in a time of budding and realizing what we need to become a better and more free people. Celebrate this Equinox like you do New Years. Step into a truly new you. Go through the life-death-life cycle this year and see how accelerated you become. Observe what this does to your ability to tackle what others throw at you. "They" are saying it will be the hunger games (yup, lowercased that nonsense). Tune in and be prepared. Use the timing to your advantage. Take care of you and those around you. 

The only thing revolutionary about any of that, is that you're doing it of your own accord, with your own will and in YOUR timing.

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