▂ ▄ ▅ ▇ Vacuums for Hardwood Floors: What to Know Before You Buy ▇ ▆ ▄ ▂ Hardwood floors are preferable to install as a result of their beautiful, elegant, and relaxing look. Still, they may be a pain to clean. You cannot get rid of all the dirt and dust with mops, brooms, and the like. ➾➾➾ You Might Also Enjoy: That’s why plenty of manufacturers have introduced vacuum cleaners for this flooring type. They clean up your floor and keep them safe from scratches. If you’re planning to invest in such a vacuum, make sure you look into the information that TheKingLive provides below before you make a purchase. It may help out a lot with your ease of buying the best model for your home. ✪ Hardwood floors: At a glance By the word hardwood floors, we mean two common types: laminate floor and real hardwood floor. Laminate flooring: It combines a laminate layer with synthetic fiberboard. This type costs less than the real hardwood floor material but it is not as durable. In return, it isn’t too sensitive to scratches, moisture, or stains, making it a good choice for a home with children and pets. Hardwood flooring: To build up these floors, people use natural woods as the primary material - for instance, hickory or oak. This is why their surfaces are durable. If you take care of them properly, they will last for a very long time. ✪ Why should you vacuum hardwood floors? ✓ Some of you may assume that sweeping is the only way to clean this type of floor. This is no longer the case. Indeed, many vacuums come with soft-bristled attachments for your wood floors. Some of their most common benefits are: ✓ Vacuuming generally takes less effort and energy. ✓ It is much quicker than sweeping or mopping. ✓ It doesn’t require you to bend over to empty your dustpans regularly. ✓ Has attachments for all kinds of household scenarios - for example, various tight spaces or flooring types. ✓ Pushing dust into your breathing air is less likely, which benefits those with allergies. ✓ Does a better job of removing debris and dirt, particularly fine dust. Bear in mind that this is the case for the more advanced bagless units with HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air). Vintage bagged vacuum cleaners can still remove an acceptable amount of dust. ✓ You can use them in other parts of your house, inclusive of blinds and drapes. ✓ Transitions more effectively when vacuuming area rugs along with your hardwood floors. ✓ Gives a deeper cleaning which can improve your wood floor’s lifespan. ✓ Extract dirt from corners and cracks well. To the contrary, brooms may pack the dirt in further. ➾➾➾ Selected For You: ✪ What are the best types of vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors? Not every vacuum is ideal for this type of floor. You should carefully consider which kinds are most suitable. ✛ 1. Upright Vacuums These can stand on their own for storage. The solid construction makes them a bit heavier than other types. Still, this cleaner is more optimal when it comes to suction power. The separated handheld attachments increase the upright’s versatility. Some also come with excellent characteristics (lift-away function, etc.). That’s why you can clean your home with ease. For hardwood floors, there are some uprights with the ability to satisfy the cleaning demand. Keep in mind that although the manufacturers equip beater brushes for cleaning, they can scratch your wood floor. Some models allow you to turn off the brush to avoid the abrasive scratching. Otherwise, you can attach a nozzle which offers a safer clean. The upright vacuum’s practicality is much lower when you have to bring it along while cleaning an entire floor with a nozzle attachment. Lately, various brands have been designing uprights with the nature of wood floors in mind. If your home has different flooring types, brands like the Shark Navigator will work safely on all of them. ✛ 2. Canister vacuums There are two main parts to this cleaning machine - the body and the head. Its design helps make the movement simpler. Canisters are fantastic for hardwood floors. The brands often pad their cleaning heads. That means they will deal with your surfaces gently. The pieces are adjustable, so reaching places you can’t with an upright is possible - for example, awkward corners, and stairs. Also, as you hold onto the weight of the machine head and hose only, completing a big room becomes physically more comfortable. All you need to do is wheel the vacuum around. With the two pieces, you can also decrease the odds of scratching the wood floors. Generally, their versatility and power make them the best option for your wood floors. Although canisters are powerful, they can also be the loudest types. Plus, they have multiple pieces, so you may not be able to store it as quickly as with an upright. ✛ 3. Hand held vacuum cleaners Fundamentally, a hand vacuum is portable and lets you reach wherever you need to clean in your house. As hardwood floors don’t require perfect suction power, this vacuuming type is quite alright. They’re also good at tackling tough spots and stairs without causing a mess. ✛ 4. Robotic vacuum Robot vacuum cleaners are a cutting-edge technological item. They do a great job of cleaning various places. You just need a WiFi connection to get started. They work amazingly on flat surfaces such as hardwood floors. Still, it is important that you pick the right one. The edge brushes on several cleaning robots are stiff, which can damage the surface of wood floors over time. Make sure you look for a cleaner with hardwood friendly brushes. Also, the tracking from the vacuum is another consideration. Find the models with padded wheels so that they don’t leave any scuff marks. Don’t forget to clean these wheels often because dirt that becomes stuck on them can cause scratches on the floors. Some robotic machines can vacuum and mop your floors. You should take good care of the wood floor since the cleaner mops with water. Using water again and again on the surfaces could possibly hurt them. While robot vacuums are recommended for hardwood type floors, they may work most excellently in small spaces with low traffic. ✪ What to consider when you choose to purchase the wood floor vacuums Getting a quality item is nearly impossible if you don’t have any detailed knowledge. Thus, refer to this guide and read several vacuum cleaner reviews before making a decision. ✛ 1. Suction power To clean this type of floor spotlessly, your vacuum should have a good ability of suction. If possible, the models come with a control button to reduce the suction when necessary. ✛ 2. Family budget Keep in mind that it’s not required to invest in the most expensive device to get a good reliable machine. Focus on choosing an appliance for the hardwood type, instead. Its surfaces always need maintaining correctly, so only vacuums made for that need is suitable. You may want to spend money on exceptional characteristics, but it’s not really necessary. The motto is, pay less but get more! ✛ 3. Beater brush Consider the cleaning brushes before you buy because using a cleaner with stiff beater brushes on your wood surface can increase the scratching risk. Stay away from the stiff bristles. Pick the model with soft bristles, instead. ✛ 4. Vacuum wheels You should not choose a vacuum cleaner with plastic tracks for use on hardwood surfaces. They may make scratches on the floor. Also, they are easy to get trapped due to debris. We suggest you choose rubber wheels that won’t damage your floor. ✛ 5. Filters HEPA filters may be the best so far. They offer the highest level of filtering capability. This system is ideal for allergy sufferers. Consider reusable filters unless you are willing to pay for them monthly. ➾➾➾ Find More Information: ✪ In short Vacuuming your hardwood surfaces to keep them spick and span has never been easier. Picking the right cleaner to handle these floors is an investment which can considerably prolong their life as well as their beauty. Make sure you refer to the guide above for making a wise purchasing decision.
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