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What is Primary and Secondary Protection with FR Clothing?

uzibuttJun 18, 2019, 6:55:41 AM

What is Primary and Secondary Protection with FR Clothing?


FR stands for either flame resistant or flame retardant. Once you know the difference between resistant and retardant lines and get clarity on what to be worn on a particular incident; then there is something to be cleared about the further kinds and types of FR Clothing. In this article, we will define the two types of protective fabrics and learn the difference with fine detail.

FR stands for flame resistant or fire resistant; and the special clothing that is prepared to bring protection against electric, heat, and fire hazards are known as FR Clothing. Though many people know the use of such protective fabrics very few know that there are two types of FR Clothing. These two types are called Primary FR Fabrics and Secondary FR Fabrics. Today we will discuss the two types and learn what it is meant by primary and secondary protection with FR Clothing.

Primary FR Fabrics

The first type of FR Fabric is advised to use when you are supposed to stay in consistent contact with electric and fire hazards, heat and unexpected splashes. The Primary FR Fabric is specially manufactured to deal with such extreme conditions as they are heavier in their built. The most common example we can quote here is the type of suit that firefighters wear to wave off fire hazards and to bring the extreme conditions on a normal note.

Secondary FR Fabrics

The second type of FR Fabric comes in the form of overalls, pants, and shirts instead of a proper suit. This does not mean that this kind is lighter when it comes to providing protection. Usually, it deals with intermittent hazards such as a splash of molten substance, heat, flame and electric hazards. The Secondary FR Fabrics provide the same level of protection from the situations mentioned above.


Besides the physical appearance, the difference in both kinds of protective fabrics is in their use. You should know what type should be applicable over what incident. The secondary FR Fabrics are only advisable when you are not facing any extreme condition of electric fire or any kind of hazard. They are preferred to be used on a basic surface level and if the situation is beyond the minor damage and risks are higher and situations are extremely dangerous then the first type that is Primary FR Fabric comes in action to provide the proper security and protection and lower risks of damaging health and life.

In short, the company owner or the supervisors should select wisely what type of protective fabrics the employees need during critical and dangerous situations to maintain everything on a perfect balance.

Last but not least, to ensure absolute safety, there is an option of wearing a base layer underneath to level up the protection. This layer should be non-melting with a perfect fit. In any case, if the protective fabrics are torn-out due to any reason, this extra protective layer will be most effective to provide added protection.