I am a retired programmer and Architect, a Veteran, and loyal American. I am most definitely not PC. I am pro-life from conception to natural death. a conservative Russian Orthodox Christian. I have a twisted and some would say sick Sense of Humor. If I have not offended you with one of my post please wait I'll get to you sooner or later.
[3301.1337.4638]=TRUTH=[7.77.777] Initiative aiming to create meaningful BONDS between PEOPLE [& FACTS] seeking GREATER Understanding & ENLIGHTMENT in rapidly changing WORLD. by ex: + reposting & JOINING in logic chains FACTS DESCRIBING given subjects from different PERSPECTIVES. + promoting pro ACTIVE ways & INITIATIVES of seeking WISDOM & ENLIGHTMENT by gently directing those who seek it to the next steps of their INDIVIDUAL PATH. +.:.:. #contact_on_the_surface: "www.facebook.com/DOTs.ORDER" "@DOTs.ORDER" "[email protected]" "@[email protected]"
Poor are those who have eyes, but cannot see.
RISE WORLD! AWAKEN! "A magnificent era is before us" THE CALL HAS BEEN SOUNDED, IT IS TIME FOR THE CORRUPTION TO END! “Adherence to your duty:” For "We Are The Light Of Our Ancestral Torch" And "We Will Rise Again" To Cast Out Corruption, The tribe of liars! Unravel the lies, expose the corruptors!: "To learn who rules you simply find out who you aren't allowed to criticize" -Voltaire “With effort and with organization, [our nations and communities] can be greater and more prosperous than ever before. The fight lies before us…a fight for action… for vigour… for vitality… and manhood” -Sir Oswald Mosley “Thanks to our unchangeable will, our readiness to sacrifice and our abilities, we will survive this misery.” “In ourselves alone, lies the future” “Through our own labor, through our own perseverance, our own determination, our own defiance, our own steadfastness, only then will we be able to rise again, just like our forefathers too” The True, Moral And Right Honorable, Adolf Hitler
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