Hi there I'm a Uk based Artist and beginning animator hoping to create interesting content for people to enjoy!

A channel designed to post the process of Flowers from the Deep, an Indie Webcomic written by S. Milan, Drawn and illustrated by David T. Cabrera and lettered/edited by HdE. Updates every Friday. . http://deepflowers.webcomic.ws/comics/first

Will animate stuff for #Crypto tokens. Join our new Animation & VFX group and share your original animations: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1005080576204136448/feed

Ade T. About Me : Relaxed , Love Art , Pinball , Vid games . UK based @r3k4b - thank you for the support :) .@leahsaban - thank you for the support @mindsplus - thanks for the support :) @chesschats - thanks for all the support @RedDragonLS thanks for all the support @dsynegrafix - thanks for the support - God bless. @darrenatherton - thank you for the support:) @Art_Lover81 - Thank you for the support :) Thank you to everyone who has supported me by way of wires / tokens or just commenting ;)

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Hi! My name is Ricky Jarnagin but I have been using the moniker "DsyneGrafix" for over ten years across multiple platforms so don't be confused by some of the post on this page that have my real name while others have DsyneGrafix instead! Most of my art now-a-days is created with JWildFire although for years I used Mandelbulb 3D exclusively! I still use MB3D from time to time but as often as JWildFire. Back in the day I created the original "Xtreme Fractals" group on Deviant Art. After running that group with my dear departed friend GypsyH for three years we handed over the reigns to another member and moved on. I landed on Facebook where I created and ran five groups for a five years including the massively popular "Mandelbulb Maniacs." When I left Facebook, Mandelbulb Maniacs had 10,000 members. https://paypal.me/dsynegrafixdigitalarts *********************************** Current Residence: Home of the Alamo Favorite genre of music: Classic Rock, Instrumental Rock, Jazz Favorite style of art: Fractal Art Operating System: Linux Mint MP3 player of choice: Rhythmbox Shell of choice: Elbow macaroni shells Skin of choice: My Wife's Listening to: Those crazy voices in my head Reading: The Good Book Playing: with MB3D Eating: Crow Drinking: The Nectar of Life Favorite Quote: Your Soul is a Beautiful Gift from God. Cherish it, Protect it, Feed it daily with His Word, then... Share it with the World! by Ricky Jarnagin Learn to Create with Mandelbulb 3D I am the Curator and Creator of "The Mandelbulb 3D Master Training Resource Guide" often referred to as "The Most Authoritative List Of Mandelbulb 3D Tutorials On The Internet!" https://dsynegrafixdigitalarts.com *********************************** I consider myself to be an photography enthusiast and like to share video's and tutorials on the subject! I'm very thankful that you have taken the time to visit my page and hope you will find some interesting images here! Like what you see here? You can see more of my art on the sites listed below! https://pixels.com/profiles/ricky-jarnagin.html https://www.pixoto.com/rickyjarnagin https://www.deviantart.com/dsynegrafix https://www.pinterest.com/dsynegrafix/ https://www.redbubble.com/people/DsyneGrafix Please Join and Support My Groups ----------------------------------------------------- DsyneGrafix Digital Arts We offer lots of design elements, tools & tips to assist you in your quest for better graphic design. https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1049692408097517568 ----------------------------------------------------- The D.I.Y. Guys Are you the kind of person that always has a Do It Yourself (D.I.Y.) project going? If so, we would love you to share your project with us. Any D.I.Y. project is welcome, from how to fix your car to painting a lamp pole to metal stamping! We just want to help others help themselves! https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1029203791973941248/feed ----------------------------------------------------- Wing Chun Before Bruce Lee burst onto the big screen and dazzled us with his blazing speed, his fluidity of motion and amazing skills in Jeet Kune Do, he trained in Wing Chun for many years under the Great Grandmaster Yip-Man. Wing Chun is also known as Wing Chung, Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1018890478425559040/feed ----------------------------------------------------- And Now I'd Like to Promote My Favorite Groups on Minds +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Come Join THE Best and Largest Fractal Group on Minds! Fractal Arts https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/828740569485484032 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Want FREE TV and Movies? Join MINDS CINEMA - Stream & Play (movies/series) https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/857973123151618048/feed +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Please support the Minds Images Group! https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/622600737196613632/feed +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Visual development artist for animation,film and games. Website: https://www.nachrubel.com/ Instagram: @nachrubel

Artist, Storyteller, Author of The Good Blood webcomic and more to come https://www.tgbcomic.com https://www.patreon.com/tgbcomic The Good Blood is a half-serious fantasy webcomic inspired by Slavic folklore and classical hero's journey themes, with a few horror elements here and there. I'm a lover of art from the beautiful to the grotesque. Fascinated with the craft of storytelling, my main goal is to learn it, explore it and tell some memorable stories on the way.

Richard V Elvis Making the world more beautiful, one drawing at the time

Jul 2019
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