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The Simplest Ways to Find Studs in Walls for Mounting a TV

tvwallmountNov 3, 2019, 2:09:36 PM

This is probably the first time you have bought a TV screen and you want to mount it on the wall. As simple as it may seem, this isn’t the work that everyone can do as it isn’t something simple. A concrete wall isn’t compared to a wooden wall and thus the task is even harder. Thus putting that woden timber to make a frame on this concrete wall requires skills and experience. You should also ensure that you know how to find studs on the wall before starting the task. There are many tips that will help you find studs on the walls. Click here to know How to Fix Your TV To The Wall.

The natural way where you are there when your house is under construction is one simple way and it is simpler compared to when you bought your house. If you are witnessing the building of the house yourself, the civil engineers will identify the studs for you within seconds. These are the experts who are conversant with construction standards and because they won't have to charge you for that as they are already at the site, it will be a cheap and easier method. This technique can be used by someone who ought the house and wasn’t there when it was being constructed.  Read here to know more about the TV Mount On The Wall.

Another method is to use stud finders that make the work easier and help you to find the studs position very easily. You can use the electronic stud finders that detect the walls width. The best and most accurate studs that will be found by this technique is that which will not exceed 1.5’. This method is one of the fastest and more accurate and you will find it simple to use. Using this technique is very easy as you will only need to place the device on the wall and calibrate it will identify the studs.

Another stud finder is the magnetic stud finder that employs the magnetic strength to find where there are metals. Given that the nails and screws that were used to fix the studs on the walls are metallic, using a magnet will be easier to identify it. Employing the use of sound is another good technique that will show you where there is a different sound on the drywall and thus you will easily find where there is a stud. The observation method is also very effective in finding studs without having to spend any money on this. This method can be done by identifying with the use of wires, lanterns or checking where there are switches and trims.  See more information here: https://www.ehow.com/how_7253360_wall-mount-lg-tv.html.