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ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption,censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance/pharma giants and politicians:

TruthFreedomPeaceFeb 24, 2023, 1:40:29 PM

ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption , censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance/pharma giants and politicians: 

1)Cancel Cable ,Satellite, or Streaming TV bundles (All channels should be made available individually so consumers don't have to give money to channels they don't want to)

2)Do Not donate money to politicians & consider boycotting companies that give them money or pay them for speeches. 
Boycott Apple,Google,Facebook,Amazon,Microsoft,BlackRock,Vanguard,Paypal,Netflix ,     WEF partners and other tech/media/finance/pharma giants to counter corruption and censorship.

Consider selling any shares of big tech/media/finance/pharma stocks/ETFs and mutual funds and invest in the best pro-freedom companies you can find.

3)Bank with small local banks or credit unions.

Buy from smaller local  stores and use cash whenever possible. 

4)Demand an IMMEDIATE pardon for Julian Assange & Edward Snowden and non-violent Vaccine mandate protesters and election fraud protesters & other truthtellers. 

5)Join Pro freedom social networks.
Folllow O'Keefe Media Group & James O'Keefe and Zero Hedge for pro truth/freedom news.

6)Use web browsers like Brave or Tor rather than Chrome,Safari or Firefox. 
Use search engines like Brave rather than Google or Bing.
Use an email service like ProtonMail rather than Gmail. 
Save important online videos/articles/posts to your PC hard drive or phone. 
Post videos to Rumble, Odysee and Bitchute rather than youtube 
Shop online at smaller independent retailers rather than Amazon/Wayfair 

7)Use Linux operating systems like Linux Mint, LMDE, Debian or others on your computer rather than Windows, Mac or Chrome OS . 
Almost any PC can be switched to Linux and Linux is free. 
Some links to Linux tutorials are included below.

Use a degoogled phone (can buy one on ebay & other sites) or a "dumbphone" rather than an Apple iPhone or Google Android smartphone. 

Avoid using a "smart" TV and use a "dumb" TV with no operating system pre-installed if possible. 

Use a Linux mini PC with a wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse on your TV for video streaming/ web browsing/computing/gaming rather than smart TV apps/ amazon fire tv/roku/google chromecast/apple tv/microsoft xbox/nvidia shield. 
This ensures YOU control what you can watch on TV

8)Demand fair,accurate and transparent elections in which every voter can verify their vote was counted accurately with a receipt. 

9)Demand generic drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine be made available over the counter. Demand NO vaccine mandates. 

10) Support a new foreign policy where We The People worldwide unite behind and promote the principles of truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and focus on winning hearts and minds. 
Support a worldwide effort to voluntarily help others in the hope that it will win over more people to these principles. 

Please share this plan of action with others via text,email & social media if you agree. 
I am NOT selling anything and I do NOT ask anyone for money.

Below is a link to share this message.Thank You


I wish JUST ONE famous “pro-freedom” media personality or politician would actively promote an action plan to We The People to encourage simple,peaceful actions to counter all the censorship and corruption,which would be SO EASY TO DO. 
But they won't,so I will and I hope others will too. 

Imagine if a million or more people sold their shares of big tech/media/pharma stocks and invested in the best pro-freedom companies they could find to counter all the censorship and corruption.
That would send a LOUD message.
It could happen if enough principled people unite and rally behind an idea like this...

 Some examples of pro-freedom companies I believe are worth consideration: 

Rumble/RUM -Competes with youtube and google,amazon,microsoft cloud services. https://rumble.com/ 

Overstock/OSTK -Overstock founder and former CEO Patrick Byrne has came out publicly against election fraud ,the Deep State and battled years ago against Wall Street fraud.
They also created TZERO brokerage to prevent trading of counterfeit shares caused by naked short selling & selling uncovered call options and to enable same day trade settlement.




IMO,it is MUCH more sensible and win/win to spend money on products,services or shares of stock of a pro-freedom company because you actually get something of value in return.
When you donate money to politicians or media personalities it is likely that money is just pissed away on who knows what and you get nothing of value in return,just like when cult members give money to gurus and get nothing of value in return. 

Here are some examples of censorship/corruption by tech/media giants,but there are many more: Facebook censorship- https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2018/10/19/triple-amputee-veteran-brian-kolfage-vows-to-haul-facebooks-mark-zuckerberg-into-court/ 

Apple and Google censorship- https://nypost.com/2017/08/21/how-apple-and-google-are-censoring-the-mobile-web/ 

Amazon censorship- ‘A Child’s Voice’ producer John Paul Rice blows whistle on Amazon censorship and child sex trafficking https://noqreport.com/2020/08/07/a-childs-voice-producer-john-paul-rice-blows-whistle-on-censorship-and-child-sex-trafficking/ 


Netflix’s ‘Cuties’ slammed for ‘sexualizing’ little girls https://nypost.com/2020/08/20/netflixs-cuties-slammed-for-explicitly-sexualizing-little-girls/ 

Who Is Bill Gates? (Full Documentary, 2020) https://odysee.com/@corbettreport:0/whoisbillgates:3 

Google, Twitter Tighten Censorship Noose on Conservatives Ahead of Election https://headlineusa.com/google-twitter-censorship-noose/ 

Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter Censor Viral Video of Doctors’ Capitol Hill Coronavirus Press Conference https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2020/07/27/facebook-censors-viral-video-of-doctors-capitol-hill-coronavirus-press-conference 

"I CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS": DOCTOR PLEADS FOR REVIEW OF DATA using Ivermectin to treat Covid DURING COVID-19 SENATE HEARING. https://www.bitchute.com/video/eWJbMJd1sSWI/

 If anyone can watch this Pizzagate video and not believe it merits investigation,I don’t know what does.

PRESS CONFERENCE "NEW FACTS OF INTERNATIONAL CORRUPTION AND EXTERNAL GOVERNANCE OF UKRAINE" regarding Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. https://www.bitchute.com/video/u4buAJpJDCb4/ 

"These Videos Show Why People Call Joe Biden a Pedophile" https://rumble.com/v1przoz-these-videos-show-why-people-call-joe-biden-a-pedophile.html 

"I Am The Target": Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To 'Disappear' Her https://www.zerohedge.com/medical/i-am-target-silenced-chinese-virologist-tells-tucker-covid-19-intentionally-released-ccp 

Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News. Glenn Greenwald has resigned from the news outlet he co-founded, The intercept. https://www.bitchute.com/video/UFRirpxqD8A/ 

Apple, Amazon join Google in suspending Parler https://nypost.com/2021/01/09/apple-joins-google-in-suspending-parler-from-app-store/ .................................................................................................................... 

Voatz election system in which every voter can verify their vote was counted accurately. https://voatz.com/how-it-works/ 

Dr.Robert Malone with Joe Rogan interview. Please share with others. 

Great interview with Dr.Peter McCullough with Joe Rogan on the dangers of Covid "vaccines" and the suppression of safe treatments. Please share with others. https://www.bitchute.com/video/tororPSDf88Z/ 

Almost any computer can be switched to Linux from windows,mac or chrome OS.
Just make sure to back up important files to thumb drive or hard drive first.
Here are some tutorials but if you feel intimidated by making the switch I would suggest asking a computer savvy friend to help or going to a local computer shop. 

How to Make the Switch From Windows to Linux

How to Install Linux Mint Get your new OS going on Windows or Mac https://www.lifewire.com/install-linux-mint-4173111 

Install Gallium (or other Linux OS) on Chromebook 

I use & HIGHLY recommend a  PC with Linux OS & wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse on my TV rather than smart TV apps/roku/appletv/fireTV etc. 
I Recommend this to any pro-freedom folks because then you are not at the mercy of overlords like amazon,apple,google,roku etc. who can shut apps down whenever they want.
This way YOU have the power to watch what you want and not the big tech companies.

I use Brave web browser & bookmark websites like Rumble for quick access. 
As long as the computer has an HDMI output to connect to TV you can use a mini PC ,larger PC or laptop behind or under TV. 
Adjust the display/resolution on the PC to get the readable text size that is to your liking.
Use with a wireless keyboard with touchpad mouse like this.


All political parties are easily co-opted & corrupted.
IMO,Things won't change much for the better until We The People unite behind truth/freedom/goodwill/integrity/humility/Non-Aggression Principle/Golden Rule and voluntarily helping others. 
My goal in life is to unite people worldwide behind these principles and I hope many will join in this effort. 

We The People worldwide can make that "shining city on the hill" a really BIG hill if We unite behind these principles and work together.

IMO,Most politicians who claim to serve the public are really self servants/crony servants. Therefore,We the People should unite behind principles and become an economic,ethical and spiritual force to make change. 
Internet and Social media/networking make this possible. 

The keyboard is mightier than the sword. 

We have a short time on this earth,which reminds me why truth,freedom,kindness,humility,forgiveness, goodwill and integrity are of the highest value.

 Some may say you can’t save the world,but I would say "Why not try anyway?"

 I’ve got nothing better to do.