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Thinking of Getting a Prosthetic Leg? Here are Essential Facts You Need to Know

trustedprostheticcompaniesOct 6, 2019, 3:32:27 AM

Undergoing a leg amputation isn’t easy. If you’ve, unfortunately, had your leg amputated, you need to start deliberating on which step to take. You’ll have many alternatives. You can, for instance, choose to get a wheelchair. Also, you can opt to get a prosthetic leg. A wheelchair will enable you to move up and about. However, you will need assistance occasionally. Prosthetic legs are designed in a way that they function, and sometimes even look like real legs. They, therefore, enable users to do things independently. Educating yourself about prosthetics before having them installed is the right thing to do so that you can make an informed choice. This article will list a few essential facts. Click here to find a prosthetics company in Philadelphia.

Does Every Amputee Qualify?

Not all amputees are good candidates for prosthetics. You need to meet various qualifications to a prosthetic leg. For example, you must have enough soft tissue to cover and cushion the bones located around your limb. In addition, the health of your skin, and the amount of pain you experience also count. Consult a specialist to know whether you are a good candidate or not. They will perform in-depth examinations to see if you meet all the requirements.

Is the Size of the Prosthetic Leg Important?

Size is of great importance. Choosing a prosthetic leg that doesn’t suit you size-wise might harm you, and exacerbate your condition. Besides, it will not function as expected. It wouldn’t be recommendable to purchase a prosthetic by yourself. Seek help from a qualified professional so that they can advise you accordingly. In most cases, it is hard to come across a ready-made prosthetic leg that is perfect in terms of size. Hence, it would be best to get one customized for you. 

Is Rehabilitation Therapy Necessary and Will the Bionic Leg Need Changing or Adjusting?

It is often assumed that rehabilitation therapy isn’t needed since prosthetics look and function like real legs. However, this is a flawed assumption. Every patient requires rehabilitation therapy. This therapy is aimed not only at helping them to recover from the surgery but also teaching them how to use the leg, and training their bodies to adapt to the new change. This way, they’ll not have a hard time. Also, you might have to get the prosthetic leg changed or adjusted, especially if you experience any discomfort, or in case of any damage. Your specialist will always inform you whenever there’s a need for change or adjustment.

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