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Converting and Storing Your Social Media Energy

Chris Daniel CrabtreeMar 30, 2021, 9:40:07 AM

Since the invention of social media, we’ve traded our attention, time, and effort to the major platforms who in exchange have exploited—with algorithms—our genuine desire to stay connected to family and friends, our curiosity to search, discover, and share ideas, and our freedom of speech—for their own profit; a system designed to keep us scrolling, clicking, and commenting, and more importantly—in front of the screen for countless advertisements. It’s like television, but instead of having to develop their own content, we are the FREE content. However, that is quickly changing, as more and more people embrace the Digital Renaissance, discover the open, creative, and supportive community of Minds, and experience the fun of gamified rewards for their participation on social media.

The Minds Network

Minds is an open-source, privacy-focused, free-speech social media platform; that rewards its users for their engagement in the form of tokens for posting, upvoting, commenting, and reminding content. With the most recent Minds update, the MINDS token is fully implemented, and includes staking rewards for hodling tokens, as well as rewards for contributing to the liquidity pool on Uniswap (the decentralized finance exchange where you can trade MINDS tokens).


The fixed total supply of MINDS tokens is 250 million. What this means is that there will never be more than 250 million tokens in existence. This makes the MINDS token anti-fragile to inflation, similar to other fixed supply crypto assets like Bitcoin.

Not only are users rewarded for participating on Minds, but also the value of their contribution to the network (tokens) is protected from debasement, and provides the MINDS token a sound monetary foundation. Essentially, a user’s engagement on the platform, or energy expended, is converted and stored (as tokens). With governments around the world continuing to pump inflation by printing more and more fiat currency, the MINDS token stands to offer a low market cap hedge that will likely increase in price over time. 

Imagine if we had been rewarded for all our actions taken on social media over the years? Imagine if that currency couldn’t be manipulated like the Dollar, or Euro, and also increased in value? It would become the undisputed currency standard for what our Minds consume the most.


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