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travel1212Sep 24, 2019, 2:15:21 PM

Vespa scooter

Would you like to buy a Vespa scooter? Then we have good news for you, because we offer various models and you can get to know them now.

The old Vespa models

The Vespa LX (old model) and Vespa Primavera nowadays look a lot alike, but are slightly different. They can both be recognized by the round headlight which is built into the steering wheel. The Primavera has a chrome rim around the headlight and the LX does not. The LX has three ventilation slots in the side paneling under the saddle while this is closed at the Primavera.

The Vespa LXV looks a lot like the Vespa LX, but the big difference is the open steering wheel, a chrome rim around the round and excellent headlight and a small windshield. The front view of this scooter is also slightly different.

The Vespa S is succeeded by the Vespa Sprint which you immediately recognize by the square headlight which is finished with a chrome rim all around. The rest of the scooter is the same as the Primavera model. They are also the same in terms of engine block.

Unprecedented many accessories available

A wonderful scooter to ride

Did you know that Vespa already had a clear mission when designing their very first scooter? Piaggio (the manufacturer) thought it was very important that a scooter had to be very comfortable and had to ride well. It took a while before the first model hit the market because Piaggio was not easily satisfied. The design of their first scooter came up on the drawing board several times and was extensively tested by several test subjects until it met all requirements.