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Black Geek & Gaming Enthusiast Who Actually Plays Video Games 👾 ● Add Me On: PS5/XSX🎮●
location_onTokyo, Japan

By day, a driver looking to make ends meet. By night, a mallrat looking to explore those expansive cathedrals of consumerism, their history, and their decline.

Political Ideology: Marxist International Transhumanist My name is Phoenix. I have long term plans to improve my own life and others. I am an Economics Major Undergrad. Seeking multiple degrees and a life somewhere else. Pro Human Rights/LGBT Pro Free Speech Pro Democracy in Workplaces

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Twitter refugee, I post anime content and my art

Just a black guy and a gamer living in this crazy world I hate censorship.

Physics major, Hobby Open Source VR developer, GNU/Linux gamer and enthusiast. LLR

Anime fan. ENG|ES

Author of Orcs, Licensed Nurse, #DnD DM, Critter, Ammo horder, @DDPYoga Practitioner. Survivor of the 2016 Flood of Denham Springs.

A Weeb; likes some Video Games, little bit of reading; Likes Freedom of Speech and stuff. I post whatever I feel like posting. ------------------------------------------------------------ Proud Single ------------------------------------------------------------ I am also a pretty weird person. ------------------------------------------------------------ "Insert quote of a famous person here" ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't like those silly communists. Get them out of here! (*^ワ^*) ------------------------------------------------------------ Anti-Vaxxers are a cancer of society. ------------------------------------------------------------ I am filtering everything through a lens of humor and sarcasm. ------------------------------------------------------------ I don't believe in conspiracy theories; only in hard facts. ------------------------------------------------------------ Once in a while I write short stories starring a fictionalized version of a combination of me and an anime character. I use those to kind of process experiences and emotions. Kind of like an advanced version of a Fan Fiction. (=^▽^=) Its cringy, but idc ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I also use this Channel to write down some of my verbal diarrhea, random rants and other venting ventures. Yayo Short: Archive https://www.minds.com/blog/view/896546657864982528

Tokyo, Japan
May 2020
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