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The Various Countries that Allow US Citizens Without a Visa

toptravelnowNov 14, 2019, 7:49:45 AM

The United States of America has one of the strongest visas on the world. This is due to the few travel restrictions in this country. Therefore, getting a passport will grant you a limitless permission to visit any country in the world. You will only require to click on the website of flight bookers and select your destination. The following countries allow US citizens without visas to visit them. To learn more, give this a click

US citizens can visit the European Union without a visa. The European Union permits people without visa for a maximum of ninety days. The whole issue will change if you intend to work there because then you will have to have a visa. The rules outline that whenever you contribute to the economy of those countries through working, you must have a visa. In case there is work for you in a foreign country, you should get to the human resource of that company so that you can learn more about the visa laws in that country. It is thus important for you to consider doing this early enough because obtaining a visa is procedural and can take some time.

Cuba is yet another country which allows US citizens to visit without a visa. Tourists and other persons were allowed to move between Cuba and the United States of America without an visa restrictions in place. This was done with an intention of building better and stronger relationships between the countries as well as fostering interactions between the local people and the visitors. However, there have been restrictions lately hence you can only visit Cuba as a humanitarian agent or for cultural exchanges. Most of the countries in Southern Asia also allow US citizens to visit them without visas for a specific period of time. You can thus visas these countries anytime you feel like. You should, however, beware that the maximum amount of time you can stay in Thailand is thirty days. Do look up this page now. 

Finally, you can visit Israel and the Middle East without a visa. You can visit Israel without a visa unless you wish to stay there for a duration of more than ninety days. Georgia, Armenia, and Palestine are some other countries where the same case applies. However, you are supposed to learn about the various cultures and customs that people in those nations practice so that you can behave well during your visit. The other region where US citizens can visit without necessarily requiring a visa is Africa. However, not all African countries are visa-free to US citizens. You should discover more about the country you are intending to visit to ascertain that there is this provision in their laws.