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Understanding the Importance of Useful and Relevant Content and SEO

topmarketingguide263Aug 20, 2018, 3:17:06 PM

Let us face it we all want our websites or and blogs to be visible to as many people as possible and thus generating loads of traffic, right?. Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO does exactly that. SEO is a way of positioning your website or blog such that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. pick on it through their intricate programs and analyses the data on your page before deciding how to position it when queried by a user.

To achieve this optimization, there are basic rules to be followed for your site to be up there accessible to your target audience. But probably the most important aspect of search engine optimization is content marketing. Without useful and relevant content on your site, it is highly unlikely your target audiences will find your website and index it to make it easily accessible to people searching for what you have to offer. Read more about Content Marketing & SEO from Robyn Kyberd. Here are the basics when talking about content marketing and SEO.

Relevance - This is the most basic of rules ask yourself is my content relevant and true as suggested? Is it relevant to the query keyed in the search engine by my target audience? Does it make the reader or buyer want to stick around your site? More importantly, is it useful and informative to the reader?

Keywords - for example if someone is searching for content that shows how to apply make up your title should read something like 'Tutorial on how to apply flawless makeup' or 'flawless makeup in 5 minutes' automatically your site qualifies in the above-queried category and the search engine bots are likely to pick on it too. Simply put, you must have very good use of keywords and keyword phrases to come up with the informative and relevant content that the search engine bots and your users are looking for.

User experience - this makes sense looking at it from the user angle. Is your site user-friendly? Get more details about content marketing. Have you ever visited a site that looks promising as per your need only to have trouble locating whatever brought you there? We like to generate as much traffic as possible to our sites to attract advertisers who want visibility through your traffic. This is good as it's generating income for you which is a bonus but if your site is full of adverts than the promised content you will start bleeding the accumulated numbers, and the advertisers will follow the same route. Therefore it's mandatory for you to make sure your page stays true to the promised content. Write short and concise content that will educate and enlighten the users on what they are looking for. Learn more from https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-content-marketing-plays-into-seo-and-vice-versa_us_5a2d6a98e4b022ec613b8380.