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Treating Cocaine Addiction

topdrugrehabcenterNov 19, 2018, 8:41:41 PM

Generally, people experience suffering and pain from addiction and abuse of cocaine. A lot of people, even adolescents have already tried using cocaine as their way of 'fitting in' to their peers, coping up with their school and family stressors, but sadly, these people did not realize the harm that it could do to them. The aftermath of using cocaine is very devastating, leaving broken families, poor health conditions, loss of wages, and for most who haven't have the opportunity to receive treatment for cocaine abuse is death.

People argue that cocaine is not a harmful drug while some people who already have experienced using it or have lost loved ones would define the drug as dangerous or the root of the evil. A lot of scientific facts tells that using cocaine could make a person become an addict of immediately because it could induce euphoria or feelings of happiness and contentment. Various researches in the past said that cocaine utilization on primates revealed the 'true' nature of such compounds. The primates who were subjected to have utilized cocaine were give the option between their day to day dosage of cocaine or other stimulus that consist of companionship of the other primates, water, and food. In such tests, the subjects chose to have the daily dose of the drug over water, food, and companionship that resulted to their immediate death. Unluckily, for the drug user, he would sever the important bond between the natural happiness and the brain every time he uses it. Eventually, continued utilization of the drug would deplete your dopamine levels that are supposedly normal in your brain which would cause unbreakable barriers to the user who think that nothing could give happiness whenever they felt except by using cocaine. For the best drug detox center see, REVIVE Detox or visit revivedetoxlosangeles.com.

To treat cocaine addiction or abuse, the past treatments mainly focused on drug replacement medications, group therapies, and the famous 12-step program. Yes, it is true that these programs are effective for the patients but not for everybody, as a lot of the patients still chose to go back to their habits whenever the support was left. If there's not right way to treat cocaine addiction, a lot of the users would experience an emotional roller coaster for the rest their lives.

New studies recommend that comprehensive addiction treatments might be the best answer. These new approach see the addiction as just one of the symptom of the many problems it represent. They utilize brain scanning devices together with the neuropsychological assessments in order to treat the entire body, spirit, and mind. These assessments could find the emotions' origin that are having problem with cocaine use and through specialized treatments, they would be able to reduce the negative emotions that most patients could hardly stand with.