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Content Marketing Strategy: How to Define a Buyer Persona

topcontentmarketingblogDec 4, 2017, 2:09:52 PM

If you're a content marketer, you probably already know about the concept of market segmentation. It means that every marketing activity and strategy is not directed to just every one. Rather, you narrow your focus to a smaller group of potential buyers that share similar attributes, including interests and financial potential. Pretty much all content marketing templates you may encounter will reserve space for describing your target audience or buyer persona.

Here are the basic ingredients of your buyer persona template:

Persona Market Segment/Industry

Start by describing the persona in terms of what they do for a living and their industry. Are you targeting teachers, public service officials, doctors, lawyers, etc? Define their market segment in all important aspects. Then, assess how your product or service fits in the life of this specific persona, be unique online!

Persona Background

Produce a brief description of the persona background. Include their demographic information, such as gender, age, earnings, education, and geographical location. What are the values, ideals, and objectives of this persona? Can you identify any of their interests, strengths, and character? Read content strategy guide here!

Persona's Thinking

At this point, you need to get into the mind of the buyer persona and start thinking like them. What is their perspective of problems or issues pertaining to the solution you're providing? What would a typical buyer say about your product? Think about possible objection to buying that the persona may bring up. In other words, write specific quotes that could be attributed to this imaginary buyer.

Persona's Sources

Persona's sources are exactly their current providers of solutions, information etc. For example, figure out specific brands that the persona trusts. Do they follow certain influencers? Where do they go for information? Information sources may include social media, blogs, and internet searches.

The Persona's Role/Position

Identify the job responsibilities of your persona. What challenges do they face in their line of work? Likewise, come up with their core performance metrics (i.e. how they're appraised). Identify their career objectives too. Any prospect reading the content you create based on such an analysis will feel that you know them very well.

So, when you're writing content targeting a specific audience, it's important to have a comprehensive understanding of who this audience is. That's why your content marketing strategy should be based on an accurate buyer persona description. This persona should be the focus of all content you create, including product descriptions, blogs, on-page content, and directory articles.You may further read about content marketing at http://www.ehow.com/how_4482311_write-basic-marketing-plan.html