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Ricky Berwick
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Your not so normal video entertainer.

Human, almost Perfectly happy to be proven wrong, it´s almost like having a hobby. :) Every person have a story and nobodies entitled to hear it. But if you stick around long enough, they´ll want to tell you themselves. "When you tear out a mans tongue, you´re not proving him a liar, you´re only telling the world that you fear what he might say" - George R.R. Martin, 1998 "I´m not your attorney, I´m not Vic´s attorney. I´m just a guy on the internet laughing at how stupid you are. Get bend, you moron!" - N. Rekieta, Rekieta Law, 2019

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Blogs are my main content: Click "Filter" or "Type" and select "Blogs." I explain reality as it is, as opposed to how people want it to be. This is often through the philosophy of pessimism (similar to Arthur Schopenhauer) or absurdism. One of my goals is to explain philosophical pessimism so people will get a better understanding of the human condition, compared to lies about pessimism which is interchangeable with a negative attitude. I am not a negative person and I do not entertain negativity in personal life. I do have a few themes throughout my work. What is best for the individual is often not in the best interest of collective societies, so individuals are subject to misinformation used to get them to act in a way that benefits others. All physical things decay over an infinite timeline. Humans are animals and subject to natural limitations despite advancements in technology. I have been made practically undiscoverable on Youtube, so I am trying other platforms. Disclaimer: The author makes no representation of professional qualification, does not create a client relationship, and does not give advice.

Sep 2020
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