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The price of freedom is eternal vigilance - Thomas Jefferson Can you see?* (Find out why I ask below) Banner art by @Rushofwaves, with gratitude. Avatar art by @ChrisDoogood, with many thanks! I am a follower of the Way, and I love Jesus! I overcame a childhood of severe abuse as a child by leaning on my faith. When I pray I address God as Abba, my Father, because I envisioned Him when I was young holding me and rocking me in His heavenly rocking chair. I taught Sunday School for many years. I'm single (for good) and I live with my grandson and my son (he's uncle to my grandson.) I home school my grandson, who is on the autism spectrum. I live with chronic pain from many health issues but I love life! I love to cook and I get lots of pleasure watching the ruby throated hummingbirds that visit every year. Want to know more about me? About my friend @bobdub? We have some chats we've made into videos (and podcasts too) Show #1 Show #2 Show #3 Show #4 Show #5 with guest @ChrisDoogood Show #6 with guest @Rushofwaves Show #7 with guest @Aragmar Show #8 with returning guest @Aragmar and @authenticantiquearms, who is quite an interesting young man. Both are such wonderful friends to @bobdub and me. Show #9 with guest @kerasimeonov, one of our favorite encouragers! *A lot of people think they can, but there is a different level of sight, an awareness of being that removes the veils from your eyes.
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A New Series of Children's Picture Books that Celebrate the Awesome Movement of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN #MAGA

Cranky old vet. GET OFF MY LAWN!

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People and Nature Photographer Copenhagen, Denmark All photos are mine unless explicitly marked otherwise. Extraordinary Donations!!! @Jacquesmarchal (20 tokens) @chesschats (multiple donations)

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Mar 2018
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