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We proclaim the Gospel to see lives transformed
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Based out of Columbia/Lexington, South Carolina , J316 Ministries is an evangelistic ministry existing for the purpose of making Christ known through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by way of open-air preaching, Gospel tract distribution, and one on one conversations, in order that the lost may be saved, and believers sanctified and encouraged to make Christ known. https://youtube.com/c/J316Ministries
Always young - Philosopher, artist, human. Top #1 on world memologer. Subscribe to be part of nothing ;0
Writer, Scientist, Artist #MAGA God, family, country and humanity
My name is Bobby and I'm 46, 2 kids, very strong Faith in God and His word, I'm a musician playing the guitar since I was twelve and metal is my first love in music.
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May 2019
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