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Find Out How To Fix Sound Issues on Mac Devices

tiffanykartJul 7, 2018, 7:02:54 AM

The instances when the sound system stopped all of the sudden, users cannot spot the exact cause as there is no specific reason has been derived yet. But there are a few little things which can make a big impact on the issues. If you are not into manual methods, contact Mac tech support number.

Fix the Mac sound system quandaries

Follow the given steps to resolve the errors affecting the internal speakers:

Basic check: One must try to play something on your Mac devices to make sure there are issues with your device. Head to iTunes and try to play a song. If the music bar is raising but no sound is coming out, move to troubleshoot part.

Increase volume: If the volume is not turned up, you cannot hear the sound, even if the music is playing in the background. So check if the speakers are at their full volume and try to play a song afterward. Simply, press the F12 button to boost the volume. Or you can click on the volume or speaker icon to increase sound.

Reboot your device: Sometimes simple restarting can do the miracle. So try to reboot or restart your device.

Connect headphones: Make sure earphones settings are not hindering with the speakers’ settings. Connect your earphone within the socket. Connect and disconnect headphones and check whether the internal speakers are producing any sound or not.

Use another app: Sometimes there is something problematic with the app you are using. So you can switch to iTunes to Safari or vice versa to check whether the sound is coming out of speakers or not. Make sure the video you are playing has sound control option and it’s turned on.

Check ports: De-attach all connected peripherals from all ports. Make sure Thunderbolt, HDMI, USB ports are free from all attachments. Remove all cables connected to the ports. Now try to play the sound.

Update your software: make sure that you are using the latest releases of Mac OS X.

Reboot the sound controller: Go to Activity Monitor, look for “core audio” under the processors. Click the “X” icon to shut it down. Now try using it again.

Check system preferences: Go to Sound under system preferences. Choose the Output tab and then internal speakers. If the Output Volume is muted, unmute it right there. The volume slider must be on the right side.

Check the hardware: There are chances that damaged hardware is causing the problem with the sound system. Replace the mutilated or damaged hardware or get your device serviced.

Follow these simple steps and get resolved your sound errors manually. even after applying these steps your problem is still there then Call Mac support number +1-855-505-7815, to get the instant support for the sound problems you are encountering with your Mac device. 

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