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Targeted-Individuals Protest Worldwide — From Chicago to Bangkok, to Warsaw to London, and Far Beyond

Thought JusticeMay 26, 2019, 9:41:00 PM

In 2018, those who’ve been thrust onto the front lines of the battle against the utterly fraudulent, post 9/11 surveillance state, have been taking to the streets in peaceful protest, in record numbers. This week, these worldwide protests culminated in “International Targeted-Individual Day”, spearheaded by targeted-individual activists Scott Lewis, Shayla Avants, Lyndsay Bohlman, and their activist peers. From Chicago to Bangkok, to Warsaw to London, to San Francisco to Tokyo, to Paris to Los Angeles, to Vancouver to Sydney and far beyond… Meanwhile, a wealthy benefactor of the targeted-individual cause, coordinates the purchase of mass-market commercial billboards, exposing the “targeted-individual” epidemic…

By Thomas F. McFarlan

Originally published on Medium.com in September of 2018

Images by unnamed activists, used under a fair use CC0 license.

From the Thailand rally location

Come hell or high water, nothing seems to deter the resilience and determination of those individuals, targeted with surveillance abuse, organized-stalking, and directed-energy weapon targeting, in the post 9/11 era. Historically, a little known surreal phenomenon, carried out against a relatively small number of people, targeted-individuals were usually ridiculed as delusional, or otherwise unfit in their ability to discern reality. However, as the targeted-individual phenomenon exploded in scale and scope immediately following the attacks on 9/11, there is now enough credible testimony, official documentation, confirmed news accounts, and whistleblower affidavits, for targeted-individuals to be taken seriously — very very seriously in fact…

The front page headlines of the Ed Snowden revelations in 2013, documenting the existence of a massive illicit NSA program of international surveillance abuse, also lent more than a little credibility to the targeted-individual movement… Then the world witnessed how Ed Snowden became the most widely known, and most wanted, targeted-individual in history. Try as they might, the traditional mass-media couldn’t bury Snowden’s story of being targeted on the run to Russia, and afterwards, with a barrage of fraudulent legal charges, kangaroo court orders, slander, surveillance abuse, and other tactics of highly organized sabotage. It was also around this time that Julian Assange became targeted, in a heavy handed manner, to such an extreme that he had to take permanent refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in England, and live completely isolated from the outside world. Like Snowden, the traditional mass-media couldn’t completely bury the reality that Assange, was being targeted with surveillance abuse, and an organized-stalking campaign…

From the Chicago, IL rally location

From the San Francisco, CA rally location

From the San Francisco, CA rally location

Then in 2017, news of the U.S. diplomatic delegation to Cuba being targeted with directed-energy weapons, and organized stalking, made major headlines worldwide. Try as the powers that shouldn’t be might, to bury this story coming out of Cuba with a “gag order”, on the diplomats ability to speak publicly about what happened to them — and via vague characterizations of the directed-energy weapon attacks, that these diplomats suffered, as “health attacks” or “sonic attacks” — this news story still made major headlines across the U.S. and worldwide for months. Then later in 2017, celebrity journalist Ronan Farrow published an in-depth New Yorker Magazine tell-all on Harvey Weinstein, and a company Mr. Weinstein hires to conduct organized-stalking campaigns called “Black Cube”, that literally openly advertises its organized-stalking services online… In this groundbreaking and widely circulated article, Ronan Farrow details his findings that prove Mr. Weinstein directs organized-stalking campaigns against Actors, Actresses, Journalists, and just about anyone he happens not to like for any reason… As if all this incontrovertible evidence that organized-stalking is a real, and an utterly out-of-control 21st century phenomenon, wasn’t enough, in mid-2018 news headlines reported that Julian Assange had become targeted with even more extreme organized-stalking, that severed his internet connection, phone service, as well as, his ability to meet with his doctor, family or any visitors outside of his legal team…

From the Thailand rally location

From the Poland rally location

August 29th 2018 marked the first annual “International Targeted-Individual Day”, and was the culmination of an unprecedented number of 100% peaceful worldwide targeted-individual protests, that have been organized this year. This apex of targeted-individual demonstrations, was spearheaded by targeted-individual activists Scott Lewis, Shayla Avants, Lyndsay Bohlman, and their activist peers, who worked tirelessly coordinating the event over seven months, and also managed the Facebook page to rally support for, this apex of peaceful protest. Some of these protests were simply staged by a pair of targeted-individuals handing out flyers, and vocalizing grievances in city centers. Other demonstrations were much more elaborate, and included, a group of targeted-individuals holding up large banners, with others in the group dispersed at the edge of their location’s perimeter, holding smaller demonstration signs, while vocalizing grievances — and still others, intermingling with the crowds walking by to hand out flyers, or to greet members of the media that covered the event. The demonstration in Massachusetts, was a very focused and elaborate one that honed in on students of the famous MIT technology college. This demonstration was set-up on the MIT campus around a large table with a banner hanging over the side, multiple flyer handouts, and even free copies of the book on mind-control technologies, “Project Soul Catcher”, for students showing the most interest in the cause.

From the U.K. rally location

From the Michigan rally location

From the Boston, MA rally location

A few local mass-media news outlets did cover these events, as well as, a number of alternative online media channels — the “Meegs” YouTube channel even covered the Chicago demonstration via live-stream. Even more significantly, a famous wealthy benefactor of the targeted-individual cause, coordinated the purchase of mass-market commercial billboards that expose the organized-stalking epidemic, to dramatically amplify the effect of all the protests in 2018, as well as, reach a dramatically wider audience. These billboards were placed in the Los Angeles, Vancouver, Salisbury, Massachusetts, and Lansing, Michigan advertising markets. The Los Angeles billboard was literally placed along the busiest freeway in the world, the 405 freeway, and at its most traveled intersection at the LAX airport, and there was an additional Los Angeles ad buy, in the form of poster advertising, at the famous Beverly Center shopping complex. The Vancouver Canada billboards were placed inside the city’s highly traveled subway, in the form of a large-scale billboard subway-car train-wrap, and posters along the walls of the subway station. The advertising in Massachusetts and Michigan, were traditional large scale mass-media billboards placed along highly traveled freeways.

Internet Party Co-Chair and targeted-individual Suzie Dawson — who had to flee her lifelong home in New Zealand, and seek refuge in Russia to escape her targeting — has observed that the organized-stalking targeted-individual phenomenon has now entered into the global cultural zeitgeist, and the world is on the verge of more and more groundbreaking revelations, that expose organized-stalking, that will ultimately lead to the utter end of these surreal and grotesque stalking crimes. Judging by the uncanny resilience, determination, and skill, of the incredible people who find themselves targeted by the global-intelligence-complex, who have organized and executed these protests worldwide — the targeted-individual movement is poised for a quantum leap forward in the months and years to come…

I have also produced a video version of this article, with a full reading of the writing, on my YouTube/BitChute Channel “Thought Justice”. The video is also embedded below:

For an detailed read and video presentation on the organized stalking crimes these demonstrators are protesting, read my in-depth Minds blog article on the numerous reports of organized stalking, submitted by Californians, that were deemed so credible, that even mainstream TV news channels in California, decided to buck the pressure to repress the reportage of these crimes, and aired prime time news segments on these victims' accounts.

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