Painting Miniatures 🖌️
Doing art, painting Warhammer minis and your Friday Warhammer meme dealer. You can find me with the same name on Twitter and Insta. Here tho I post more and more consistently
I post photographs I take and share what I find interesting. May comment a bit too much and post too little.
Miniature painter, gamer, computer programmer, husband, father, follower of the Risen Lord. Not necessarily in that order.
Budding miniature painter looking to broaden horizons on alternate social media. Looking to share, learn, and grow with other fans of miniatures. Commissions open Sales of non-commissioned minis on Ebay/Etsy can find my alternate profile for my other life hobbies @theminiatureprepper
(18+) Drawer of smol boob and pointy sticks. Homebrew Pathfinder 2 GM and Chowder TV Show enthusiast.. I wear skirts for the bois because women aren't real. Send me fashion and anime bitches.
Here for the memes, news, and miniature gaming.
Paul Joseph Watson is a British online commentator, conspiracy theorist, and writer. His political stance has been described by the New York Times as being part of the “New Far Right".
I'm a Blogger || Content Creator || Programmer || Graphics Designer || Ghost Writer || Memer || Copy Writer
Hi. I joined Minds in June of 2022. I’m a lawyer who runs a small-to-medium sized criminal defense firm that covers most of Southern California. We also do some civil litigation.
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