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A simple guide (for simpletons) to the left-right spectrum and why Nazism IS a socialist (left wing) ideology

Sam, PhDFeb 20, 2019, 8:32:26 PM

A simple guide (for simpletons) to the left-right political spectrum and why #Nazism and #fascism are left-wing (#socialist) ideologies. 

If you were taught that they were right-wing ideologies, you were sucked into the #fakenews story of the century....

First, let's define the terms. "left-wing" is collectivism - socialism - state control "right-wing" is individualism - capitalism - free market limited government If you disagree, you will need to prove me wrong and provide some definitions yourself.

You could always look at the Political Compass which explains it a bit further. The left-right scale is economic The libertarian-authoritarian is social https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_compass … … (note that nationalism doesn't appear)

So, what is socialism/left-wing ideology? The idea that you can create a society with equal outcomes. Distribution of wealth equally, irrespective of the effort of starting point of the individuals. A collective philosophy.

Sounds good? Let's use the analogy of @StefanMolyneux 

How do you equalise the outcome of a race? You have to disable the fastest runners. It is impossible (in humanity) to make the slowest runners the fastest. So you have to control EVERYTHING.

In state terms, you have to give the state control and ensure that it manages the outcomes for everyone. But the fastest/best will always find a way to compete. So you have to disable them (or remove them), to avoid making the slowest/worst feel inferior.

The only way to do this is state control. It starts small and gets progressively totalitarian. Every time. Castro did this Mao did this Stalin did this Hitler did this Pot did this

So what is the "far-left"? Full state control #communism #fascism #Nazism

Oh - but wait - "Nazism is right wing" you say? Wrong. You were lied to. #Nazism is a socialist philosphy. By miles It's in the name National Socialism Let's see what they believe. Here are Hitler's "25 points" http://www.historyplace.com/worldwar2/riseofhitler/25points.htm …

Let's look at #25 for a start #socialism Just like they said. But there's more, if that's not enough for you

Removal of land? The common welfare? Abolishment of materialism? Stuff that socialists are ecstatic about.

And #fascism? It's the same. Just another form of state control with nationalistic ideology. Read it yourself https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascist_Manifesto …

But wait you say, "it's all about nationalism". Nope. Nothing to do with the left-right spectrum

OK so what does "right wing" mean. Individualism, less state control and capitalism. Free trade. So "far right" is #anarchism (anarcho-capitalism) - no state control, complete free trade without restriction. It has never been tried at a state level.

In fact, "far right" economic liberalism favours global economic migration (per Milton Friedman) - but NOT political migration. You can't have free migration AND open borders where there is a welfare state in one country but not the other.

So conservatives will always favour limited government, free market economics and controlled migration to support a welfare state that can only be supported within the limits of the economy generated by private sector capitalism. #thatcherism

Nothing to do with #Nazism or #Fascism But if you are a socialist you will - and should be - embarrassed about your ideology's association with Nazism Fascism and Communism so you try to deflect. With the "the Big Lie"

So if you are a conservative and come across a socialist screaming "Nazi" or "Fascist" at you, send them here. And send them some love from Ayn Rand

Here's an addendum for those people that say "oh but the Nazi party was in favour of privatisation therefore they are right-wing". Wrong. All they did was use the private industries to fund their socialist ideals (just like every other socialist state).

Addendum: Still not convinced that Hitler's Germany was socialist? Try listening to an actual German recounting history.

"Government schools"

"Government healthcare"

"Government childcare"

"Government media"

"Removal of Christianity, 'Heil Hitler' instead of prayer"


Still not convinced? Try Daniel Hannan's explanation. Watch Jeremy Corbyn squirm at the Oxford Union https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QaZEGcoGXo

Addendum: Was pointed to this on medium. Judge for yourself https://medium.com/@PaulHJossey/the-nazis-were-leftists-deal-with-it-b7f12cc53b6f