Canund Social Network

Canund Social Network

We take you on an adventure that goes back in time to a bygone era. An adventure that relives the colonial heritage that was beset upon this emerald isle centuries ago. We take you on a journey back in time to experience the lifestyle of colonial bungalows in Sri Lanka and taste the gourmet that was served with much aplomb, a century ago. From the rolling tea fields to the brewing tea pot, we take you on a journey back in time, to relax the senses and calm the mind; welcome to the world of JC Holidays. Contact Information JC Holidays Address:- No 24/1, 1st Lane, Nedimala Road, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. Call At:- +94 77 667 6679 Email:- [email protected]

Eyes Iconic Structural Engineer E.I.T B.S. Physics & B.S. Civil Engineering Beginning to create content regarding my Human Experience

Feb 2019
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