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Benefits of Using IP Telephone Systems

thetopbusinesstelephoneblogJul 9, 2018, 10:23:35 PM

Management in a company is mainly based on the quality of communication.Whether it is between the clients and the company, or within employees in the company, the speed and cost of transmission affects the quality of service. New and better phone systems have been developed due to inventions in the field of technology. Although it can be difficult to integrate this new technology, the results are rewarding. The IP phone is the newest technology with the help of IT Support. Use of this technology has its perks that have been explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

IP telephone systems have a major advantage over the POTS base PBX with a T-1 line configuration. These older phone systems are not as flexible as the IP telephone system. The IP telephone system can be integrated with existing system easily. This is due to the fact that they are SaaS deployments. As a result, you can share data through applications such as customer databases and email.This phone system allows customers and the employees to interact efficiently. The end result will be better reviewed by customers.

The more the company grows, the more need to expand communication channels. Such a step will need you to install new lines for every new employee.The new phone systems will not need all that work. The procedure of adding new lines to an IP phone system is majorly automated and will not require much effort from your side. This is an excellent aspect of the IP phones that do not hinder the growth of your company.

Sometimes, there can be existing communication channels such as fax machines or other hardware such as alarms. IP telephone systems will be able to integrate with this existing systems. An example will be your newly gained ability to receive faxes via email . In a few words, this new system serves only to make the existing ecosystem faster and more productive. In addition to this, the IP telephone system will not cause any major changes. Visit Avaya Office Phones in Dubai to understand more.

An IP telephone system we also have positive effects on the data and bandwidth of communication in a company. Sometimes there is silence in conversations hence using up bandwidth that might have been otherwise more productive. Voice Activation Detection software in IP phones ensures that when there is silence, the data is compressed to save bandwidth.

The greatest benefit of using these phone systems is the cheaper cost of communication. Their installation and maintenance can be done by in-house network engineers and they don't require hardware or feature updates. Session Initiation Protocol makes it possible for you to incur costs for the data you use unlike in the older T-1 lines where payment was per channelIp telephone systems allow you to make international calls at a cheaper cost.