let your mind go, where your body can't.

just your local rock climbing, jiu jitsu and Star Wars loving, bass playing, gardening, artistic soul 🪴💖✌️🌍 link to handmade jewelry shop:

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Great aesthetics Flawless Grammar Love for Writing

This channel may feature wildlife, guitars, satire and parody, science, swords, and art. I regularly create unique and original content to improve my channel. I hope you can find something here which interests or stimulates you. ★ Fauna and flora photography posted here is my own property with all rights reserved ★ ★ All wildlife images posted here are taken in the wild (no photos of captive animals) ★ Many thanks to all minds who have viewed and shared this content. Thanks to those who have subscribed or perhaps unsubscribed. Thanks for just stopping by. * I am not a supporter of, nor do I personally endorse, any political entity or individual politician. 🦊

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Flying, photos, art and whatever I find interesting

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We can't make everyone happy for the sake of others. Live every moment of your life ☺☺ My shared photos are clicked by me and majority are clicked from phone. So, it may not be good quality to consider. Not a professional but sometimes accidentally able to capture properly... Thanks for visiting my profile and supporting me. Stay Safe everyone! #sannamography (sanna'smobilephotography) . #Nephophile #villagefarming #villagesites #outdoor #travelling #trekking #quotes #northeastindia #India #Indian 🇮🇳

Apr 2021
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