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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

themodernroofingblogsAug 31, 2019, 3:04:18 PM

Homeowners generally only need roof repair once — provided it’s correctly done. But how can you tell if you’ve met the right roofing contractor? Referrals from family members, friends or colleagues are a good start, but that’s all they are - a start.

To be sure that you’re hiring the best roofer for your needs, take these points into account before proceeding:


To avoid being scammed, work only with a licensed roofing contractor. The requirements for licensure vary from state to state. In most cases, a fee must be paid and a number of tests passed. Additionally, they must purchase liability and property insurance, enrol in continuing education classes, and pay a fee with each license renewal.

Roofing Ventilation

Pick a roofer who can guarantee good ventilation, which is critical to the integrity of any roof. Poor ventilation can drastically shorten the lifespan of shingles while making your air conditioning unit work double time, thus increasing your energy bill.


Errors happen and issues may arise from them, but your roofer should be ready for the worst. Otherwise, you may have to pay for damages yourself. Always look for proof of insurance.

Local Is Best

Local contractors tend to care more about work quality as majority of their clients are sourced from referrals. On the other hand, if a contractor can pack up and go as a project ends, they don’t have to put as much importance on word-of-mouth. Besides, getting in touch with a local contractor is obviously easier than having to cross state borders to visit their office. You'll want to be familiar with parsons roofing


Your roofer should be able to provide a workmanship, workers compensation and roof system warranty, and explain every detail about inclusions and exclusions. From manufacturing defects to roofing system failure to algae-caused streaks, there are countless reasons to ensure that you get the necessary kinds of warranties and adequate coverage from each.

Client References

When roofing contractors have no past clients willing to recommend them for a good job, that simply means you shouldn’t take the risk of hiring them. If the roofer does offer references, talk to them to know if they’re legit. Do check out roofing company atl info sources. 

Algae Protection

It’s sad how most homeowners don't pay attention to their roofs until damage occurs or the roof becomes unbearably ugly. When a roof looks very dirty, it’s commonly due to algae. Go for a roofer who offers a guarantee against this.

Use of Subcontractors

Finally, if your roofing contractor uses subcontractors, make sure they have representative who will be on site during the installation so there’s someone you can communicate with for any issues or questions. Also, here's how roofing is regulated: https://www.reference.com/article/roofing-regulated-171dba1ab89b3b8?aq=roofing&qo=cdpArticles