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Writer of horror and adventure. EFA-trained developmental and copy editor. Content is mostly writing oriented with occasional politics (Libertarian/Patriot). Nothing yet published but slowly working on a weird western. Amateur photographer. You can find my content in the Art Den group. I'm NOT interested in your "business opportunities", crypto, blockchain, or any other scheme. PMing me about them will get you insta-blocked.

I'm the owner of Singing Ice LLC - an e-book production and publication company. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of The Gonzo Press a digital magazine. Let your voice be heard at!

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

Spiritual Gothic guy/husband from Finland. I really don't like violence, may it be physical or emotional. I love to consume art, games, music, books and conspiracy theories. I'm an advocate for free speech. My favorite entertainment is lore deep universes with twist of something supernatural. Favorites are: Star Wars Legends, Halo, Conan, Lovecraft and Lord of the Rings.

Husband, father, son, uncle, vet carpenter, roofer, welder, mason aspiring-writer, novice-coder, indie-game-dev jack-of-all-trades/master-of-[few] co-founder of Rolly Dino Studios, LLC

My name is Julie Tyler. I am a storyteller, book coach, academic-turned-entrepreneur, crypto-enthusiast, reader, dancer, and content creator. I am here to empower writers to tell their stories, celebrate the world's finest creators, engage in civil discussions of events around the world, and participate in a new social media movement. I am honored to lift up my voice and offer the world my gifts.

videographer/ photographer you could say sketch artist by day painter by night try to post weekly so come join!

Hello Earthlings. Mostly here for rasslin’, writin', art and cats ... mostly.

An artist with an interest in psychology, a love for her country and a coffee addiction. Parlor: Macchiatowl #SpeakEasySpell (Not Actually In Oklahoma)

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Jan 2021
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