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How to Create a Hotmail Account

thegreatwebdownloadsJun 27, 2018, 12:19:15 AM

Creating a Hotmail account is as easy as ABCD. For your information, a Hotmail email address is a unique identifier that helps appreciate your brand. Therefore, it is worth having sign up for hotmail. All you need to set up your account is an excellent internet connection and a computer.

To get started, you need to open a Microsoft Outlook website. The site, as it turns out, is where all the action happens. Thus, Microsoft Outlook provides you with more than a platform to create your account. Signing up as a first time user requires you to create a new account as you will see on the "create account" interface.

It gets required that you feed in a password to the browser. As a rule of thumb, it is more than necessary for you to jot down the password on a piece of paper for future reference. During setup, it is best you encourage promotional emails to get sent to you since they are as educative as they come. However, you can always unselect the "send me promotional emails from Microsoft" prompt if it does not appeal to your taste.

It is only when you are through with the first step that you move to the next step. In your new prompt, it is a requirement you fill in your first and last names before clicking on the next page. Profiling is important as it links the account to you. You then have to key in your location details coupled with your birthdate information. 

In the final stage, you input your country code and phone number as you wait for a verification code to appear as a text on your mobile phone. A new window pops open when you key in the code correctly, giving you more than access to your account. Get further info. through this page

Access is never enough, however, if you do not know how to use your account. After signing up, you get unlimited access to tutorials, segments that improve your understanding of the site. For instance, you learn about how you can link your Hotmail account to several devices or how you can create multiple Hotmail accounts without a care in the world.

Hotmail, being a free service provider, never limits access to your account provided you stick to the set guidelines. Most importantly, the account allows you to send and receive emails on the go, a big plus for your brand. Therefore, you have no reason other than to log in and work your hats off.

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