Enough aliases to make a phone book. Vidya, Music, and many other things, free the anime tidd. FGO, Priconne, soon to be the BB Gacha. Lewds will be posted. Xbox/PC/DC

Just some random french canadian. I will just post random comments from time to time. I try to keep informed but I don't want to fall in the Twitter pitfall of a constant political exposure. At least, I can comment freely. And I enjoy art, sexiness and the mix of both.

Here's Squid Mama. I draw things, love squids and octopi and vaporwave.

Banned from twitter, here to make frens i guess. no boomers allowed Discord: Cammy#4599 Instagram: animefriendo Poast: Cammy

Headbanger, musician, degenerate weeb, and e🅱ic gaymer / No. 1 Elza and Symphony X stan

An otaku that loves to watch animes and play games. Games I like are the JRPG genres. Animes I love are harem, yuri, and comedy genre. Minds content may contain NSFW content, R-18.

hi I post anime, games, nsfw stuff and any combination of those three. sometimes politics when I'm bored. banned on Gab and blocked by their Twitter pfp by @cogafire minors dni

~ third-eye opener ~sacred geo enjoyer~ shitposter ~ my goal here is to spread love and engage in conversations with others// I am a varied and open-minded person// I want the best for all of us

Just a blind squirrel looking for some nuts...and some of the folks I've enjoyed from that other site that shall not be named.

Degenerate Weeb, hentai enthusiasts and the advocate of spinning robot pussy

Jan 2021
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