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Steps to Right Breeding of French Bulldogs|Quality Breeding of French Bulldogs|Breeding French Bulldogs in a Responsible Way

thedogblogguidetipsJul 17, 2018, 4:00:17 PM

French bulldogs are expensive dogs and, more so, not easy dogs to breed. Although costly and time-consuming, artificial insemination is applied to female French bulldogs in order to breed its kind successfully, instead of natural breeding, since they are small and have narrow hips which would be difficult for mounting. An additional expense is during delivery time of the puppies, which is by C-section, since most of these puppies have large heads and shoulders, much bigger for them to pass through the birth canal of their mother. Aside from the usual care of providing time, food, medicines, and shelter to these puppies, mentioning those two prime reasons are enough to conclude that breeding French bulldogs at http://www.poeticfrenchbulldogs.com/ is an expensive venture.

There are, however, reputable and conscientious dog breeders who continue to breed French bulldogs despite the difficulty of producing by practising good breeding techniques. These breeders know that selecting the right female and the right stud, as well as setting the terms of breeding is the right foundation to producing good quality French bulldog litters. Visit this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog about dog.

Most dog breeders belong to a breeder organization or club, an example of which is the French Bulldog Club of America, which has a registry of breeders, and membership to these can help a breeder select for pedigrees that are of quality lineage. Health certifications of both the female and male French bulldogs must be secured first including an information of their lineage in order to narrow down your selection to the right female and male dogs. The terms of breeding: natural means or artificial insemination, where the mating will take place, and charge cost of the services must be thoroughly discussed with the stud owner before any breeding process can begin. Purchase french bulldog puppies for sale here!

With good collaboration of the vet, a conscientious breeder will always make proper confirmation if the female dog is in the ovulating period, rather than observing for signs when she is in a heating period. Breeding time starts when the female dog is confirmed ovulating and since artificial insemination increases the chance of pregnancy, this method is often chosen, thus the stud's semen is extracted, chilled and sent to the vet. For the pregnant dog to last throughout her pregnancy, which should be around 60 to 68 days, proper care must be rendered, like clean, well-hydrated, provided with regular amount of food fortified with vitamins and minerals. Gestation period of French female bulldogs is between 59 to 63 days and by keeping track of this, when the pregnant dog is due to give birth, have a vet on-call to deliver the litter by C-section. As much as possible, limit the number of pregnancies of the mother dog as the birthing experience for French bulldogs can prove to be traumatic.