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DappStats coming soon!!! Not only will we show you the best Dapps, but we'll also reward you for playing them! Come see what's happening at Changing the way you use the Dapps!
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We're launching our first major project Dappstats on the 5th of September! After selling out of our token CPR, the development of Dappstats was pushed forward and we're almost ready to launch! With the support of our great community (mainly on telegram, please join us we've reached milestone after milestone with the biggest one to date coming very soon! This is the first of its kind, Dapp listing site that will return 50% of revenue to the users! This helps create a bigger userbase that Dapp developers can utilize by placing Ads, further creating revenue for the users of the site and the Developers of Dapps. Using this method we should be able to create a sustainable revenue stream to token holders. This is by no means an instant profit, get rich quick scheme. We are offering a service and we want to build a unique user experience and ensure we utilize all the amazing concepts the blockchain has to offer. By providing an easy to use and rewarding service to our users we have the maximum potential to grow our userbase and allow the best Dapp creators to advertise directly to them! Users returning to get their dividend rewards will, therefore, see more of the best new Dapps! We invite you all to become part of our community before launch on September the 5th, we've got a few giveaways on twitter and there are lots of games and other chance to win CPR in our telegram group before then.
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