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Vulnerable #8 Helmeted Water Toad (Endangered species) 2021

The_Nature_PlugFeb 7, 2021, 11:09:01 AM

The Helmeted Water Toad or also known as the Chilean Helmeted Bull Frog or Wide-mouth Toad is part of the frog family native to Chile and is listed as vulnerable.

Reasons for vulnerable status - human food, pet trade, habitat loss, pollution, introduced species (Trout, African Clawed Frog), diseases, water drought (climate change, extraction for agriculture).

Conservation efforts - It is illegal to trade the Helmeted Water Toad without a permit as the species is listed on CITES Appendix III.

Helmeted Water Toad Facts - 

Science Name: Calyptocephalella gayi

Size: 15 - 32 cm

Weight: 0.5 - 1 kg

Native Locations: Chile

Conservation status: Vulnerable (VU)


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