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Endangered #40 Blakiston's Fish Owl (Endangered species) 2021

The_Nature_PlugJun 6, 2021, 9:22:45 AM

The Blakiston's Fish Owl is a species of owl native to Asia, Europe and is listed as endangered.

Reasons for endangered status - Habitat destruction, poaching, urban development, lead poisoning, genetic diversity.

Conservation efforts - Local conservation efforts in Japan have been undertaken including education, installation of large nest-boxes, and supplemental feeding.

Blakiston's Fish Owl Facts - 

Science Name: Bubo blakistoni

Size:  60 - 72 cm 

Wingspan: 178 - 190 cm 

Weight: 2.95 - 4.6 kg 

Native Locations: Asia, Europe 

Lifespan:  8 - 15 years

Population: 1,500 - 3,700 (wild)

Conservation status: Endangered (EN)


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