Travis Brotherton

I’m just here to share my passion for photography. let’s support each other The opposite of war isn’t’ peace... it’s creation.
location_onSt. Louis MO

Hello everyone. I'm new on this platform. Today my ego is not based on this project, but if you support me, I will make your projects worthy of your pride. To my subscribers. Thank you for your views, votes, comments and reminds. If it wasn't for you interection, this channel wouldn't exist. I hope you enjoy my content, as much as I enjoy yours!

I do photography and art. My📷 is a ZTE blade a7 prime, I use my photography for the base of my art using manipulation and Photoshop to get the end results. My shop: Instagram: fadedmoon13

I'm an Encaustic artist living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I can paint peacefully and exercise my laziness.

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St. Louis MO
Apr 2020
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