Tara Duncan


So true. Also, you may want to brace yourself for their inevitable claim of autodidactic mastery.
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There was a place one could visit and READ what JustSomeGuy TM shared with everyone, It has long ago been destroyed by Facebook. If I were to set out on a search search for “the most valuable thing”, it would be VERIFIABLE answers to questions that haunt me. Why am I getting fucked? Who is fucking me? How are they fucking me? Can I prevent it for me and those I love? JustSomeGuy TM had all these answers, he tried sharing them with everyone and got shit on for his trouble. Humility should feel good, it should be natural to us because its tied to our growth, but so many of us love our bullshit, not parting with bullshit is why the world sucks. #ScottIsAlwaysRight and the degree to which that hurts your feelings indicates precisely how much you should fuck off. "Actually I LOVE being wrong...it just does not happen much anymore." -Scott Duncan 2013-02-25 [Deleted by Facebook] THE TENDER FOR LAW
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